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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Healthy Eating and Junk Food

Healthy eating stands for happiness and energy. Happiness is not a constant and it's not rigid. That's why intuitive eaters are flexible with themselves about food choices. It's as important to nourish yourself emotionally as it is to eat well physically.

The secret to keeping your body looking and feeling great is balance. Balance never feels stuffed and always feels comforting. Giving yourself emotional and physical balance when you make eating choices reduces stress.

Junk food often stands for justifying what feels emotionally satisfying. How do you know? Use your intuitive tools know what you're really hungry for.

When you're aware of cues from your body, you also realize the need to nourish yourself emotionally.  If a 'junk food' represents comfort, and you know that and you eat it in moderation, can it be bad for you? Only you know the answer. Listen to your body and check in with common sense.

Use intuitive tools for clarity, instead of eating because you feel confused.

Eat for energy and health- not as an emotional band-aid.

The habit of having a junk food treat in the afternoon because you're stressed is not healthy eating. Instead it's using junk food as a crutch. A crutch is a sign of a problem.

If you notice you need a "pick-up" every afternoon, than try these:
- eat lunch an hour later then usual and make sure it includes protein
- instead of eating a candy bar, if possible leave the room and take a 3 minute walk/stretch to refresh your body.
- drink a glass of water, if you don't 'like' water mix in a small amount of fruit juice for a flavor you find satisfying, but make it at least 2/3 water.

Eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not. If you do decide that you'll have that candy bar, eat it slowly by putting it down between bites. Really savor the flavor and notice how your mouth tastes and your stomach feels. Don't feel compelled to finish the whole thing. Why not save 1/2 for another day?

Healthy eating is a state of mind that includes healthy emotions and physical comfort. You deserve that.
Get easy tips for healthy eating, and help understanding emotional responses to food better, download: Am I Really Hungry, 6th Sense Diet : Intuitive Eating. 

For help connecting with your senses, download: Fine Tuning, Connecting with Your Inner Power

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trade Stress for Satisfaction

I am so excited to share what changed my life from feeling trapped to knowing that I'm in control of my choices. It was connecting with my intuition, and you can do it too!

Learning how to recognize intuitive cues from my body helped me trade stress for satisfaction. Am I Really Hungry will guide you out of the traps of dieting to the life changing satisfaction of self-control.

There are 3 requirements: stop "dieting", tune-in to your body and start trusting your 6th sense.

Intuitive eating frees your mind from trying to control your body. It does this because it's something you sense (like seeing or hearing) not something you think about. That why intuition works by giving you physical cues. Eating is all about our physical being.

Because dieting imposes limits and rules on your body, it creates physical and emotional stress that ultimately you intuitively rebel against, which is why diets ultimately fail.

It's much easier to work with your body by responding to it then to work against it by ignoring it.

Hunger is personal. You have mental, emotional and intuitive needs to nourish along with your physical needs. All of this creates cravings. Until you recognize what you're really hungry for these are easy to confuse.

Intuitive eating is common sense. It includes checking in with your body, mind and emotions and doing exactly what feels right. Learn to connect with your body to keep weight off by recognizing intuitive cues and you won't be manipulated by unhealthy cravings.

Instead of stress you connect with self-control at mealtime and the big reward is: you like your body and you like yourself! You can feel the relief.

Start now by using the 3 Minutes Rule to get through confusing food cravings to connect with what you really want. It's called "Doing the Intuitive Pause".

1. Stop yourself from being mentally manipulated.

Ignore the craving by focusing on being kind and patient with yourself for 3 minutes. Tune in to your body's needs and your state of mind. It's intuitive to respect your body by remembering your physical priorities.

2. Notice your attitude towards yourself.

Don't compromise who you are because you're angry, frustrated, lonely, stressed or bored. Instead, find something besides food to make you feel better.

3. Use all of your senses to notice what's triggering your appetite.

This includes using common sense to notice what's impacting you outside of your body. Common sense is the intuitive way of being alert.

4. Decide how you will feel about yourself if you eat what you're craving.

If you won't be happy with yourself an hour later, it's not physical hunger.

5. If you recognize the food craving is from your body, then enjoy eating it by noticing how satisfied your body feels while you're eating. It's intuitive to enjoy eating. In fact, you get 70% more nutrition from food when you enjoy it!

Get more hints, cues and answers on my new website:

I look forward to seeing you there!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weight Gains and Losses

Weight gains and losses are legendary and utterly frustrating to hear about.  We keep asking ourselves, why!? and then we go back to the old habits. We're so busy doing whatever is put in front of us, it's easy to get into ruts.
Sometimes humor is a great way to break old habits.  My daughter told me her shampoo was causing her to gain weight! I was stumped until she said, "The label says, Use for extra volume and body and it was running down my body! No wonder I'm gaining weight!" While I was blinking my eyes trying to take this in, without a beat she continued, "That's why I'm using dish soap in the shower- the label says, Dissolves fat that is difficult to remove!" 

Humor, like intuition, takes us out of our ruts with a new perspective and refreshes our thinking. We learn about ourselves. The better you know yourself, the freer you are from weight gains and losses. 

This is how intuitive eating works to stop weight swings.  It's easy because using intuition is being plugged into yourself. Your appetite is personal, just like your fingerprints or DNA. Eating is as natural as breathing and as important for your health and energy level. Instead of fighting with your body, you learn to respond to it.
Your body is not a machine and you are not generic.
That’s why only you know your best eating choices
It's intuitive to be loyal to yourself.
Intuitive eating tools keep things in perspective. They make your boundaries and personal priorities an important part of eating choices. You see yourself differently. Learn to eat intuitively and learn about yourself. It's awesome.

It's natural to recognize physical cues you're getting with your 6th sense with intuitive cues, like curiosity and dignity. They are the handrail to grab on, to keep you on track and away from yo-yo weight frustration. 

The next time you feel you're slipping and about to yo-yo, think about being loyal to you. Decide to be loyal to your body and in your heart you will feel something. That feeling, created by your loyalty, is your intuition.   

Try it. 


Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's too hot for stress and guilt!

Wow- Summer is half-over but the heat won't let up and there are still weeks ahead of wearing clothes that reveal every unwelcome bulge. The surprise is- only you see flaws. Other people see pleasing curves. We are all our own worse critics.

Did you know that being hard on yourself can make you fat?! That's right, stress and guilt sabotage weight loss. Our bodies are primitive. Energies like stress and guilt feel threatening. When your body's threatened, it holds on to fat.

To be your ideal weight: work with your body, don’t fight it or ignore it.
People who diet have the habit of ignoring their bodies.
So, why not connect with your intuition and get some relief?

Eating based on a book or a program is stressful because it's not about you, your body or your life realities. Rushing to lose weight, forcing yourself to follow a program, or starving yourself all create stress. It's really too hot in August to bring on more heat from stress.

Eating intuitively puts you in sync with your body. You feel comfortable with yourself. It's refreshing. Why not cool off with intuitive eating?

Becoming an intuitive eater is natural; it doesn't create stress.
Everyone can do it because using intuition is being plugged into yourself. Your appetite is personal, just like your fingerprints or DNA.

Eating is as easy as breathing and as important for your health and energy level. If you tried to restrict your breathing the way you control your eating, what would happen?

Diets create stress. Intuitive eating is long term satisfaction.
August is too hot for stress.

People who don't diet and stay a healthy weight are intuitive eaters that have tools to stay in sync with their body goals. These tools demolish hot buttons like stress and guilt that sabotage weight loss.

Nourishing your self is done with food, ideas and emotions. It's all connected inside you. Your senses work with your mind and your body to let you be clear about what is nourishing.

Use your intuition and get rid of dieting for good.
Am I Really Hungry? 6th sense diet : intuitive eating  has the answers you're looking for.