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Friday, January 31, 2014

Body Games

Restrictive dieting is a body game that hits us emotionally. Does your body complain? Being nagged - whether it's physical, like cravings or emotional, like social pressure - is unpleasant and tiring.

When emotional demands override our physical needs, often craving junk food is the result. That starts the cycle of binging. Binging is a knee-jerk reaction to stress that that fills us with guilt and our body complains with tension, high blood pressure, discomfort, exhaustion, and a general sense of dissatisfaction.

Our bodies don't play games with us. Our body is a vehicle we use to maneuver through our day and our life. Our senses are how we tune into our body. Even though noticing what we sense helps us stay on the path of healthy eating choices, when we're trying to watch our weight, working hard, dealing with social stress and don't have a lot of time, it's easy to ignore what we sense.

 Small decisions you make every day create the big picture of your life.
When you're around food, notice what you see, taste, touch, smell and feel in your gut and your options will be healthier.  

In our busy lives, we need more time to succeed, we don't need body games. The next time you're craving something here are alternatives to junk food binging you can have in your freezer.
  • Unsweetened frozen blueberries, strawberries, blackberries or raspberries are satisfying for sweet noshing. Berries taste good, and have anti-oxidants, and fiber. Anti-oxidants are good for fighting the effects of air pollution, and fiber keeps us regular. 
  • Unsweetened frozen cantaloupes or mangoes are also delicious to have on hand. 
  • I like to freeze seedless grapes for a cool snack.
Frozen fruits can be mixed in the blender with ice cubes, milk, unsweetened juice, or yogurt for a fruit smoothie. In the morning, have a smoothie with a handful of walnuts and almonds for a quick, healthy, and power packed breakfast.

Get easy tips for healthy eating, and help understanding emotional responses to food better, download: Am I Really Hungry, 6th Sense Diet : Intuitive Eating. 

For help connecting with your senses, download: Fine Tuning, Connecting with Your Inner Power

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Eat For Success

What is success? Is it self-control? Is it fitting into the new pair of jeans without a struggle? Is eating success knowing there's a half-gallon of chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer and leaving it there? What does success feel like? Is it comforting, a personal victory, a step on the path to satisfaction? The answer to all of these is, Yes!  

Success, whether it's climbing a mountain or pushing away a mountain of food, is about self-discipline, self-respect and smart choices. It's always about personal quality and determination. There are always options when we use our eyes with curiosity and common sense. Common sense is learning from mistakes so we don't repeat them. 

Success is an attitude. Knowing how to eat when we're hungry and stop when we're not - takes attitude. Cultivate the attitude of loyalty to yourself. 

Think of eating as a sport. Intuitive fitness is a body-mind connection.
  • Tune-in with your senses for safety and satisfaction when you're around food.
  • Don't disconnect from your heart when you eat. You won't succeed. Every sport takes heart. Our hearts connect with dignity, self-respect and personal strength. Access these for eating success.
  • Go after what you want for yourself by respecting your body, heart and spirit. Eat to get strength. Forgive your mistakes. Never give up.

No matter how tough we are, there are struggles. Satisfaction is not giving in to frustration, social pressure or self-pity. Show yourself how good you are by being the best you can be. You are th only one responsible for what you eat. Don't let eating be a blind habit. Instead, see it as a sport. Eat for success.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Eat for Fun!

When eating isn't fun, it's a problem. Fun feels good, tastes good and keeps us smiling. How can we eat for fun and not overeat? When does fun stop and personal abuse begin? Why do some people get to eat 'whatever' they want and not gain weight? How can I take control of my diet and still have fun?
  • To eat for fun, know what puts a smile on your face. Is it food? No. Food is strictly nourishment for your body. Feed social hunger.  Symptoms are loneliness, boredom and frustration. Food can't satisfy social hunger.
    • Don't eat when you're alone. When we talk with others at mealtime, we eat less. 
    • Instead of snacking in your free time, use it to play with your pet, appreciate nature, call relatives, take a cat-nap, take a power walk. Burning energy will feel like fun.
    • Schedule to volunteer once a week to help others. Being appreciated is when you share energy with another or many others. It can be a smile, a thank you, a pat on the back or just eye contact. This energy connection feels like fun.
  • Take control of what's fun. Taste your food. Taste is a source of pleasure. Oral gratification includes taste and smell. Feed physical hunger.
    • Symptoms include hollow feelings in your stomach, fatigue, pangs and lack of concentration. Eating satisfies this.
      • Take small bites to taste better and get the pleasure. Eating fast means less nutritional benefit and you miss out on the oral gratification.
      • Eat with the idea in your mind that you want to enjoy the pleasure of your food. Don't let time, other people, work or TV remove this option. Make pleasure your choice.
  • Be good to yourself. See eating as an investment in your future - a way to get more energy, to have healthier skin, to increase sex drive. Choose what to eat based on what you care about.
    • Discover who you are. When it comes to fun or to hunger - we are all unique. It's common to underestimate how much we eat when eating is a habit or a reaction to stress. Tune-in to what's making you feel hungry. Be curious and be honest with yourself. 
      • If you have trouble being clear about what you're eating, keep a food journal to help break the cycle of food denial.
    • Intuitive thinking is how to understand the source of hunger. It's the answer to undoing internal traffic jams that cause binging, overeating and emotional eating.
      • Get curious about how you feel and what you think about what you eat. Write it down. You might be surprised. 
To get lots of helpful tips for transforming from a dieter to an intuitive eater, download Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet: Intuitive Eating.  Learn how to recognize and take control of frustration, temptation and social pressure. It's time to have fun!
  • Learn to satisfy your intuitive appetite for clarity, balance and protection. These are your source for personal success, enthusiasm and fun.  
  • Learn to forgive yourself and Carry On! Alcohol has lots of calories, but music and dancing have zero. Dance more! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Diet

The newest diet that works takes us back to old eating rules. Feed your heart, your head, your spirit and then your body at every meal - and you will lose weight. The new diet is:
  1. Eat Less, Talk More
  2. Isolate Less, Socialize More
  3. Trust Less, Protect Yourself More
Of course, fifty years ago, general obesity wasn't a problem. Here are some reasons why:
  • Plates were smaller.
    • Filling up a smaller plate makes it seem like we are eating a lot. 
    • Try to find plates that are only 12 inches across and enjoy a full plate of food with every meal. 
  • People did not watch television while they ate. Instead, they talked to each other.
    •  Making mealtime social takes the edge off of loneliness and feelings of isolation. The result is less bingeing.
    • Sharing the enjoyment of good food is satisfying and leads to other kinds of mutual pleasure.
  • Food had less chemicals and was not genetically modified. Diets varied by season.
    • It was easier to get healthy foods and, because our organs are always regenerating, the variety of food fed physical needs. 
    • Today we can no longer trust that foods which appear pretty, are healthy for us. Fifty years ago, the worst ingredient in a frozen dinner was MSG. Today, chemicals in foods make us crave salt, sugar and oil. Some people say the greed of food manufacturing companies has created the obesity epidemic.
      • If a label is loaded with words that you don't understand, don't buy the package. Today, we need to protect ourselves from the greed.  
      • Instead of eating strawberries in the winter, eat apples. Eating what is in season is the best way of avoiding modified, chemically altered foods.
        • Make the effort to balance how you choose what to put in your body. It's worth the time and leads to losing weight naturally and having more energy. 
Don't be sabotaged by habits, laziness or corrupt manufacturing practices. Use all of your senses, including common sense, to take control of eating options and long-term results. Download Am I Really Hungry? for intuitive insights to help deal with frustration, stress and misleading diet dogma that sabotage losing weight.

It's time for us to Get Some Satisfaction!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tiny New Years Resolutions that Last

Happy 2014! May the New Year fill you with self-confidence and the knowledge that this year, you are going to gradually lose weight.

Resolutions that are big are like meals that are big. They overwhelm our body and are doomed to backfire. Instead here are some easy tiny resolutions for intuitive eating that guarantee long term satisfaction with your body and an enjoyable eating lifestyle.
  • Eat with your heart. This means use all of your senses, including common sense. Take time to be sensual and you will eat less and discover truly enjoying food.
    • This takes courage because it's fun and easy. Dieting is the opposite. Break the habit of diet-induced fear. Decide to stop denying what feels good. It feels good to respect your whole body - including your heart.
  • Look at the big picture. See each meal as your next step along the path to permanent weight maintenance. Unless you are running for your life - another meal is just a few hours away. Eat less. Enjoy the freedom of not being bogged down with food. Listen to your heart.
    • You inner voice is not judgmental and will always be protective. Thinking about eating strictly in terms of calories or rigid diets keeps you in your head which misses the point eating with your heart. Sometimes your inner voice feels like common sense. Sometimes it will surprise you. There are no rules in Life except to honor yourself. Your body always let's you know what you actually need. 
      • Take 3 deep breaths if you are unsure about whether you are still hungry. Look at what you've had and notice what you notice. Ignoring what you notice doesn't change what you see. Listen to your eyes. You will know.
  • Talk more at mealtime. Hunger is emotional, social and physical. With conversation, you feed social hunger. Words, laughter and camaraderie are surprisingly satisfying.
    • You will discover some eating habits you have that are annoying to you! It's your choice to let go of them. Don't let food get in front of personal satisfaction or long term goals for your health. By socializing, we learn that sharing moments with another is liberating. Use this sense of freedom to eat with your heart.
Tenacity is the intuitive commitment to yourself that creates opportunities for success. Use it to take some tiny steps and trust that they are safe. Depend on your common sense. There is a fact about human nature, which is that until we believe we are doing the right thing, there is the chance we will draw back. Don't take that chance. It's new year! Step forward in to the magic of 2014!
Make a commitment to eat with common sense and listen to your heart. 
Don't trust anything that doesn't feel right to you!
Get practical intuitive solutions that are common sense for maintaining a your healthy weight, download: Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet : Intuitive Eating
and overcome eating challenges.
"If you can't solve a problem, it's because you're playing by the rules." P. Arden