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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dealing with Frustration Around Food, Try Ice Cream!

Feeling deprived is not the same as feeling hungry. Give yourself a chance to notice if you're hungry before  you eat.

Intuitive eating means paying attention to your senses and ignoring emotions when you eat. If you're not hungry, you don't need to eat. But don't wait until you  feel starved, because that makes your body think you need to gorge or binge to survive.

Relate to genuine physical hunger when you do eat by noticing taste and smell. This is the only way to tune-in to healthy physical comfort.

Because you have been training to diet for years, it will take time to undo all of that 'training'. It takes calorie-burning effort to stop rebuking yourself for what you eat. Remember, you owe yourself some kindness because you are working hard to reconnect with your natural appetites.

Natural hunger is a gentle feeling. Trust that you can learn to recognize it.

Try this: Pretend you're very young and give yourself the pleasure of tasting flavor. Notice texture and smell what you eat. If you feel like having ice-cream, act like a kid who never tasted ice cream and lick it. Intuitive eating is fun. When possible eat with a friend or relative. Share enjoyment. The result of focusing on what you're enjoying is:
  • You will eat less. 
  • You will eat slower.
  • You will recognize when you're full.
It's important to give yourself permission to smell and taste your food before you decide if you're hungry. 
  • Smell food at mealtime and if you feel turned off, don't eat.
  •  If it smells good, take a bite. 
  • When you taste it, make it a rule to chew and savor the flavor. This will connect what you're tasting with your mind, and your stomach will respond. If you still do not feel hungry, you are not. But if you are hungry, it's important to enjoy food by really tasting it while you're eating.
  •  When you enjoy your food, you burn more calories. 
  • When you really taste your food you feel full sooner. So only eat what you feel like having, and stop eating when you feel comfortable, but not stuffed. 
  • Feeling "filled up" is usually a signal of overeating. Feeling comfortable is the signal from your body that you're full.
Read a chapter called Create Your Plan in Am I Really Hungry, which is available on amazon or kindle. This chapter will help you catch yourself when you're slipping and protect you from destructive choices like binging. The book is full of tips and tricks to help you understand yourself and also free yourself from dieting, binging and over exercising.

You are already building a caring foundation for the rest of your life. This is the key to long-term success. Be kind to yourself. The only thing that matters around eating is what you're doing now. Yesterday is history.