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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Blame Game

Do you play the 'Blame game'?  

Jessi is a dieter who is becoming an intuitive eater. She decided to have a healthy snack and opened a bag of carrots. She took a bite and the carrot tasted strange. The inside of her mouth felt tingly, even fuzzy. Jessi ignored her senses and decided it was her fault for buying the carrots in a bag instead of fresh. Because she 'knew' that carrots were 'good', Jessi assumed she was 'bad' and the source of the problem.

Her mouth was practically screaming that the carrots were unhealthy. But the diet mentality is to blame yourself and ignore your body, and so she did.  She ate 5 carrots and then grabbed a cupcake to get the taste out of her mouth. No one wins the blame game.

When you play the blame game you stop noticing what you notice with your senses. Ignoring your senses betrays your inner dignity. This feels really awful. 
Forcing your body to eat what it rejects is not intuitive.  
Eating intuitively is to respond to your body. 
As soon as you respond to your body, you are in control. 
That's all it takes!

Jessi is learning to notice messages from her senses. Her tastebuds told her the carrots were bad. But the habit of diet programs told her she was bad. This blame game had become her habit. Once Jessi realized it was a habit and that she could take control, she felt like a different person. 

Notice what you notice. Habits are hard to break. But self-defeating habits are worth breaking. It is never intuitive to 'blame' yourself. The intuitive choice is to look for options when your senses give you a heads up.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Myth of Self-Control

Change happens inside us. 

'Self-control' imposed by ideas or rules can feel like a threat to your body. Feeling threatened puts your body in the survival mode. 
Your body :
              - is genetically programmed for survival. It can force you to eat, breathe or sleep to survive. 
              - will be fat any time it decides that being fat is the best way to keep you safe. 
              - decides how much you weigh, not your conscience or a book you read. 

That's why self-control is a myth. Since our body controls itself, it has complete control over how fast we burn fat. Because it's intuitive to protect and empower your body, trusting your intuition keeps your body feeling safe. 

Tune in with your senses and notice what you notice. Your 6th sense will kick in to enhance your observations and what is right to eat to be your healthy shape will be automatic.

Intuitive eating feels like self respect. Your body relaxes, you enjoy eating and the pounds fall off! That's what's happening with people doing my IntuEating program right now! It's easy to talk about, but letting go of self-control is a challenge when you are used to dieting. Be patient with yourself.

Begin this way:
            - Nourish your body every day by only eating what you really want.
            - Listen with your senses to your heart and body.
            - Visualize your healthy fit body, exactly the way you want to look and feel before you get out of bed in the morning and before every meal. Feed that body.

When you force yourself to lose weight, you are violating your bodies natural laws and it rebels by holding on to fat. The real path for self-control is to connect with yourself using dignity and your senses to be clear about what feels right. Take a deep breath and realize that your body is talking to you.

Listen to your body and trust yourself.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Enhancing Your Sex Life with Food

Intuition is your 6th sense. Right now you are reading this but of course you are not thinking about using your eyes!  You use your senses automatically.  Right now - you are using your intuition.

The more you notice what you see, taste, smell, hear and touch, the more aware you will be of your sensuality and your intuition. The essence of great sex is great sensuality. When we really taste, touch and smell our food, arousal is heightened. Turning a meal into a sensual experience is intuitive eating.

In the film "Tom Jones" Albert Finney licks chicken bones and Joyce Redman looks like she's making love to an apple. What makes this scene really 'hot' is that the entire time these 2 eat, they give each other eye contact. Eye contact while we're eating can feel incredibly intimate.

When you enter a bakery and inhale the aroma, or bite into your favorite meal- the sounds you make are "o-oh", "m-mm", "ahh" and those are also the sounds of happy sex. Smelling, tasting and listening can become suddenly intimate while you're eating, just like eye contact.

When you want to enhance your sex life, notice little noises aroused by the pleasures of eating. Lick your lips and let your tongue poke and taste your food. Chewing well not only helps you eat slower, digest better and manage your weight- it also connects you with the pleasures of eating.

The 6th sense is our arousal sense. It takes what our 5 senses experience and pushes it up a notch so the experience is heightened. We can access it anytime.

Mixing pleasures of the senses with pleasures of the heart and mind is the kind of pleasure that is the difference between flying first class or coach. Sure you get there either way, but the difference is the quality of the trip and the ultimate pleasure of your ride.

Intuitive eaters choose food that satisfies hunger by pleasing the senses. Staying in touch with your senses keeps you in touch with your body. You won't over eat, other things will be on your mind.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Eating Challenge, Take 2

Intuitive eating is knowing that what you need for energy and health is what you want to eat. It takes courage to maintain your intuitive connection through challenging eating situations.

You may need to eat bread with your meal, or protein, or you may just feel like having yogurt. You may decide that you had such a big lunch that you will just have an appetizer for dinner. Sounds simple, but it takes courage. Courage is when you recognize what you know, and you respect who you are. Courage is following through with what you know and doing what you respect.

Words make it sound easy, sure. Doing what sounds easy just may surprise you. The real eating challenge is to trust yourself to be good to yourself. 

Challenging eating situations happen every day. We feel tempted or starved, or like there is no choice, or like pleasing others. The challenge to be true to physical needs, while feeling pressure from stress or from exhaustion is often the result of not trusting what you intuitively know your body needs.

Take the eating challenge and observe yourself around food. Use your eyes, your ears, taste, touch and smell. Notice messages from your stomach and notice how you feel in your heart and your head. Fine tune your senses. Listen to your intuition, and recognize habits that end up making you feel badly about your self. When it is time to eat, use your senses to smell, taste and see what you are eating and think about how your body feels and what you want for your self. Give your self a chance.

Intuition is a kind of natural courage. Connect with your intuition, and eat only what you know and feel is right. When you tune into your body, and your hunger with courage, you start to recognize your eating needs. Then you trust your self and take control of feeding your hunger. This is not easy because it's probably not something that you thought about before. So, give yourself a chance to think. Take a deep breathe in and now breathe out really, really slowly until there is nothing inside. Good.
It takes courage to recognize and trust your self.
It takes courage to stand up for your self.
It takes courage do what is right.
It takes courage to acknowledge what you need.

It takes courage to recognize habits, but if you don’t, you will never be happy with your weight. Ignoring your senses, your body, and what you know, creates a vicious cycle when you eat, and all it takes to stop, is connecting with the courage to follow your truth.  Ah yes, that is the eating challenge.