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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Eating With Patience

Do you eat fast? Do you know why?
Every day someone mentions to me the difficulty of being patient with themselves. 

We only live this life once. Dig-in to food with passion. Tune-in to flavor. How you eat is a mirror of how deeply you taste life. How hungry are you? 

Eating is intuitive; you eat to survive. By using patience to notice taste and smell, you will find self-control that leads to satisfaction. Intuitive eating  is an easy sensual flow of anticipation and connection. 

Everything in our lives and bodies has cycles. Eating really fast means we miss the point, which is to find pleasure with our senses at the same time we nourish our body. When we tune in to flavor, texture, scent and size of what we're eating, our mind calibrates pace.  

What you sense keeps you on track. Studies done by The HeartMath Institute show that our heart and brain are in constant communication. As you eat with patience, you naturally eat less. Sensual intuitive eating is your connection with self-control. 

People who devour their meals, are often responding to social pressure or unconscious fears. Fear and pressure make us needy. Being needy reveals fear that we call insecurity. Insecurity turns into a need to devour. 

Tuning-in to your senses, by using patience when you eat, changes fear to self-respect

The fact is, the only thing we control is how we think. When you notice what you sense, you are thinking with your senses. People who eat without tasting and only stop when they notice the plate is empty, are not in touch with their sensuality. 

Our senses keep us connected with physical reality we need to understand patience. Patience is the door to the house that is your soul, where you care about your body. The key to the door is simply to trust what your sense. Do this when you eat by noticing how the food tastes and smells. 

Patience is an intuitive filter that guides you to honor yourselfAnimals devour, Gods celebrate. Celebrate your life by tasting what you eat, seeing who you love and trusting the rhythm of your heart. Tune-in to what you sense and let sensuality set your pace.