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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

4 Intuitive Steps to Keep Slim

Because intuitive eating includes self-respect, being slim is a personal pact with yourself. Intuition is something you feel, not something you think. Sometimes it feels like curiosity. Sometimes it feels protective. Be curious about how your body feels before you put food in your mouth. This is how to protect yourself from mindless overeating. 

4 Intuitive Steps To Be & Stay Slim
1. Recognize when you feel curious or self-protective around food. Pay attention to yourself! These are physical signals from your intuition. The more you notice the signals, the clearer they become. 
  • Why it works: Your body is always talking to you - especially before and while you are eating. Tune in to how you feel.
2.  Sincerely decide that losing weight long-term or staying slimmer matters to you. Your 'little voice' will remind you when you go off track. Listen to it.
  • .Why it works: When you are sincere in a private way, you make a pact with your heart that is registered by your brain.
3.  Don't starve yourself & stop eating before you feel 'full'. Survival is intuitive. Starving your body is not. Physically doing this sends signals to your body to store fat! Eating with curiosity and being protective of your body reduces stress.
  • Why it works:  Your body is  a machine that works for your best health when it is not starved or overloaded. You will notice that you have more energy when you keep your body feeling comfortable but not stuffed. 
When you stress less, you eat less.
4.  Smile more when you eat. It's a fact that your digestion works more efficiently when your body is relaxed. That means your body burns more calories and gets more energy from food when you're relaxed while eating. If you inhale your food like a 'vacuum', you are not relaxed. You know you're relaxed when you enjoy and remember the taste of what you are eating. 
  • Why it works: You cannot chew food and smile at the same time. Smiling slows down your eating and gives you time to notice the way your food tastes. This helps you relax. If you're eating with others, your smile will send them signals to relax. Smiling helps to satisfy social needs at mealtime.
Enjoying social and physical pleasures of eating is healthy. Good health feels sexy.
Your body is your personal priority. Make a pact with yourself and let the good times roll.