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Monday, January 23, 2012

Intuitive Exercise

Use your intuition to overcome uncomfortable emotional urges.

  • Emotions make you feel heavy. Emotion-driven situations can make you feel like you're drowning. Remember: emotions are not more important than your body, especially when it's about eating. 
  • Emotions make waves in our lives 24/7. It's the gamut of living. Your intuition keeps your head above the water, so you stay clear about your priorities while riding the waves. 
  • You can't satisfy emotional hunger with food. That's why bingeing doesn't work. Instead, you can use intuition to know what's going to help you. 
Here's how to  flex your intuitive muscles to refresh and re-focus the next time you feel an emotional wave driving you towards an uncomfortable or compromising  choice.  
1. Try this:
  •  Think of yourself when you're tense. Feel your body. Where are your shoulders? How does your neck feel? Where does your body hold tension? I hold mine in my stomach.
  •  How do you look when you feel comfortable and relaxed?  What's on your mind? ... probably nothing :) How are your shoulders? How's your heart?... probably peaceful (*
When your shoulders are relaxed and your heart is comfortable, it's automatic to be aware of your priorities and personal boundaries. It's intuitive & healthiest for you to keep an emotional / physical / mental balance.
2. Look at yourself:
  • When you're not really comfortable, it's automatic to lean forward just a little and this presses your heavy chest bone against your beating heart. Lift your sternum away from your heart. Notice the difference.
  •  Use inner strength to be courageous and to be patient. Identify with someone you admire who could do it : James Bond, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Mother Teresa, etc. You can use the strength you recognize intuitively.
  •  Use foresight to ask yourself : How does this choice feel? Tune in to your body.  Where are your shoulders? How is your heart?
3. Let your eyes and body distract you from your emotions.
  • Breathe firmly in and out and really see what's in front of you. Look at colors and shapes. Notice what you notice. 
  •  Breathe firmly in and out. Turn around and see what's behind you. Notice color details. 
  •  Now your posture is alert, refreshed and re-focused. You're in sync with your intuition. It's pretty amazing, isn't it.
When life hits frustrating emotional walls, use your 6 senses  to stay clear about what you want. You will be in control of eating choices and look great.
  • It's so easy, anyone can do it.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let go and lose weight.

"It's all right letting yourself go as long as you can let yourself back." -- Mick Jagger
The food-filled holidays are over. Still, at a party last night women and men confided in me that they had "let themselves go" between Thanksgiving and the new year. They felt burdened. It makes no sense to focus on what you ate last year. 
The old emotionally manipulative 20th century diet mentality  is to humiliate yourself with regrets and beat yourself up with recriminations. It's wrong. It boomerangs and makes you hold on to guilt, anger and fat!  
Instead, give yourself space to come back to your best interests. Intuitive eating is tuning-in to the present. Use your 5 senses to recognize messages from your body and your 6th sense (intuition) and eat in response to physical hunger, your values, priorities and personal boundaries. 
Feeling badly about what you ate a month ago adds extra weight on your body. It makes you literally feel heavy! Put it down. Let go of it. 
Time is passing, be guided by your moments.  Stay in the now and lighten up literally and psychologically! Feel good because you're committed to being true to your body and yourself.  Enjoy your next meal because it's the beginning of living your dream
Let yourself lose weight by letting go of regrets and guilt trips. Then, keep in step with today, eat less, chew more and use common sense. The pounds will come off.
This is January. Eat to protect your health from seasonal colds and flu and have energy for the best quality of life. You'll get some satisfaction.
Am I Really Hungry addresses how to recognize emotional hot buttons and turn them off. It was written in response to interviews with dieters and intuitive answers. Use this book to help you let go and lose weight.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pleasure makes losing weight possible.

Albert Einstein famously said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." If you're trying to lose weight with a traditional diet, re-read that quote. 95% of people who diet gain back more weight than they lose! Try using your intuition to lose weight instead.

Eat for pleasure. That's the easy way to be an intuitive eater.
 Pleasure touches every part of your life.

stands for priorities. Make eating priorities personal and uniquely suited to your needs and physical goals.

L stands for lifestyle. Your lifestyle dictates your eating choices. You choose how much.

E stands for enjoy. Studies have shown when you really enjoy what you eat, your digestion is 70% more efficient. Enjoyment also reduces stress.

A is your attitude of awareness. Being tuned in with your 5 senses keeps you tuned in to your body. When it comes to eating, your body is the source of your pleasure.

S stands for sensual. When you satisfy yourself sensually at mealtime, you're comfortably full but not stuffed. You feel good.

U is an understanding. You allow yourself to enjoy what you want in a way that respects your priorities. There is nothing forbidden or restricted. There is only common sense.

R stands for realistic. What's realistic is what works for your body. You can feel it, and ultimately you can see it. What you eat is just about you.

E stands for enthusiasm.  It's a sparkle in your step and in your smile that makes you attractive.
 Eating Pleasures include:
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Texture
  • Relaxation
  • Comfort
  • Satisfaction
  • Peace of Mind
Tune-in to pleasure at mealtime.
Discover that you eat less because you're enjoying yourself more.
Your Intuition is the support system you can count on.