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Friday, April 25, 2014

Mirror, Mirror

We look in the mirror and what do we see?

When we look in a mirror with a critical eye, our emotional buttons are pushed, making us tense. Mirrors make us emotional. Intuitive thinking  connects us with dignity, which relieves our emotions by refreshing priorities, so we eat for good health and pleasing appearance.
  • Emotions feel complicated.
  • Keep it simple by thinking with your senses. 
  • The point is to connect with your body when you eat.

Notice your posture.

When our shoulders are relaxed, our heart is comfortable. This way it's automatic to tune-in to priorities and personal boundaries. Look at your posture in the mirror. Tuning-in to our body helps overcome emotions that drive us to make uncomfortable choices. Where does your body hold tension? We all hold tension in different places. I hold tension in my stomach. Notice what you see and feel:
  • Feel your body.
  • Where are your shoulders?
    • They should be lower.
  • How does your neck feel? 
    • Gently, tilt your head back, then forward. 
    • Gently lean your ears toward your shoulders.
  • Be patient with yourself. 
    • Appreciate your effort to be the best you can be. 
  • It is automatic to tap into strength we recognize intuitively. Here's how:
    • Identify with someone you admire who makes good decisions in stressful moments: James Bond, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Mother Teresa.

Life is a gift. The more it's savored, the better it tastes.

Sensual intuitive thinking is a direct physical response to our environment. It keeps the big picture clear so we're in tune with personal priorities and boundaries. Look in the mirror for help. Notice your posture and honor yourself by feeling dignity. Appreciate who you are. When you eat, savor every morsel!  After you eat, look in the mirror again:
  • Give yourself a big smile and a knowing wink.
  • Enjoy the rest of your day.
The better you understand yourself, the happier life is. Practice looking into the mirror for help. You are your best friend. Trust your gut. For help overcoming emotional eating challenges, pick up a copy of Am I Really Hungry? 6th sense diet: Intuitive Eating, or download a copy and keep it on your phone for quick help! 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Break Habits

Take control of what you eat by breaking habits.

Habits happen when we grab what is easy, convenient or fast. The result is emotional eating because habits are not a response to our body. Eating is not supposed to be a habit. We're supposed to respond to hunger.

Ignoring our body often means we are not satisfied by what we eat. Physical needs are unique and change all the time. When we ignore what we want, we feel lousy. Emotional eating is an unsatisfying way of rebelling against what doesn't feel right. Don't let emotional eating be a habit.
Habits are ruts. Being in a rut feels like being old. Worse, habits make us feel trapped. Yuck! Shake off eating habits by getting into the season. Open your eyes, inhale the new fragrance in the air. Try new foods that smell and look good. New experiences renew us. There is a feeling of excitement and anticipation that makes us look and feel younger.

  • ·Habits limit choices and kill spontaneity, which makes us look drawn and tired. Eat to feel good.  Don’t be in a rut.
  • Add spice to life with new experiences. Instead of a big meal, eat small amounts when you try something new. Really taste, smell and experience the newness. Eating is supposed to be a pleasure.
  •  Be kind to yourself.  Don’t dwell on the past. It’s history. What matters is eating to keep healthy and fit today. Leave the past behind. Take a moment to be grateful for good health and the ability to move forward.
  •  Initiate change in routines. Spring is the season to be spontaneous. Allow yourself time and space to do personal things differently. Eating is personal. If you don’t feel like eating, don’t; if you want to just have appetizers, do! Connect with curiosity you were born with. Have more fun. 
  • Taste more by chewing and savoring what you eat. Stop talking about your body, weight, diet or frustration. Talk about ideas and what makes you feel good. Spring is a season of new beginnings.
  • Simplify eating decisions by using your senses more. Notice what you notice. It will be clear if you’re bored, excited or hungry. Listen to your body. The rule is to honor yourself.

Take a breath. Take time to give yourself a chance. Stay in the present and enjoy Life!

  • Think with your senses. Check in with the way you feel before and while you're eating. Make decisions spontaneously.
  • Feel with your mind.  Use intuitive tools like courage, dignity and curiosity to guide eating choices. Before you eat ask, "How will I feel about myself if I eat this?" Respect and protect yourself.  Be intuitive.
  Am I Really Hungry, 6th Sense Diet: Intuitive Eating  will help you reset mealtime priorities and recognize what holds you back from eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're not. Pick up a hard copy and stick markers on pages that help you stay true to yourself, or buy an e-copy and access intuitive tools from your phone!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Four Steps to Slim

It's spring. Give yourself every chance to move forward and fall in love with your life all over again. This is a season of new beginnings. Here are four easy, non-stress steps to feeling slim. Start following these today and by June, you will notice a difference.

(1) S - START using all of your senses more throughout the day - including common sense. Common sense is balancing what you know, with what you feel, to do what is in your best interest.

  • It's common sense to eat slower and it's easy!! Put your fork or sandwich down between bites.
  • When we really taste and chew food, we eat less. Don't be lazy - taste your food!
  • Portion control is as basic as using our eyes to see how much food is on the plate. 
    • If you go out for dinner, ask to have your main course on a salad plate and only eat what fits on that plate.
(2 ) L - LET go of diet dogma and tune-in to your own body. 95% of dieters gain back more weight than they lose.
  •  Diets are generic; you are not. Learn which foods are nutritious and then eat what you feel like having, for energy and nutrition. Here is a helpful site for nutrition facts.
  • Self-control is about yourself. Eating is personal. Do what works best for you.
    • Try enjoying soup or dessert with a teaspoon instead of a large spoon. You will eat slower and less.
(3) I - INTUITION is our friend. Everyone has it. Intuitive tools are a total support system with guidelines that connect with what we value. These help us stay in control of eating mentally, physically and emotionally. Intuitive tools are an attitude to bring to the table every time you eat. Tenacity, determination and dignity are examples of intuitive tools.
  • Tenacity is being true to yourself.  When you make a decision to have this attitude, you connect with an attitude of determination, which stops feelings of frustration! Instead of stress around eating for nutrition and energy, your priorities realign and you are more patient with yourself. It's awesome.
  • An attitude of dignity is always an asset. You feel it in your chest. Don't ever put yourself in a position that offends your dignity!
(4) M -ME. Think about "me" when you eat. Experience your own body, your own mind and your own soul. Be kind to yourself and honest with yourself. Love has a way of helping us. Love yourself at mealtime. Loving starts by forgiving yourself for every bad eating decision you ever made. That's a secret for moving forward.
  • Before you get out of bed in the morning, close your eyes and visualize your ideal, healthy body. Imagine what it feels like to be fit and how much energy you will have during the day.
  • Appreciate your ability to make choices and your strength to follow through with being the best you can be.
  • Connect with an attitude of gratitude for little things that make your life easier. It's those little things that we can count on that help us stay on track when the going gets rough.
Am I Really Hungry, 6th Sense Diet: Intuitive Eating  will help reset your priorities and you will recognize what's holding you back from eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're not. Pick up a hard copy and stick markers on pages that help you stay true to yourself, or buy an e-copy and access intuitive tools from your phone!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Fresh Start

It's time to shed winter with a fresh start and new passions. A fresh attitude around food and eating does wonders! Let go of diets. Instead, please your senses and make personal priorities your choice. Spring is a pleasure. Relax, smell the new season and give yourself a chance to feel it! 
Sensual Pleasures include:
Taste * Smell * Texture * Relaxation * Comfort * Satisfaction * Peace of Mind *
Pleasure touches and refreshes every part of our lives. We know this because when it's missing, we feel lousy.  Use intuition to lose weight by eating for physical satisfaction and pleasure. The passion will follow.
Follow these intuitive guidelines for  a fresh start.
P = priorities. Make eating priorities personal, uniquely suited to your needs and physical goals. The first priority is to trust your gut.

L = lifestyle. Lifestyle dictates eating choices. You choose how much you want to eat. Be flexible because change happen all the time. Don't eat when you're preoccupied or stressed.

E = enjoy. Studies have shown when we really enjoy what we eat, our digestion is 70% more efficient. Enjoyment also reduces stress. If you are not enjoying your food, don't eat.

A = attitude of awareness. Tune in with your 5 senses to stay in tune with your body. When it comes to eating, our body is the source of our pleasure. Eat for energy, strength and good health. The rest of your day will be in sync.

S = sensual. We are sensual beings. Don't ignore it. When we satisfy ourselves sensually at mealtime, we feel comfortably full, but not stuffed. We feel good. Sensual eating includes letting your eyes feast on those you love or letting your ears listen to music that uplifts your spirit. Every part of what makes you, you, is important.

U = understanding. Kindness is allowing yourself to enjoy what you want in a way that respects your priorities. There is nothing forbidden or restricted. There is only common sense. Common sense is to protect our heart, body and soul. Wrong choices feel heavy. Common sense choices literally lighten us. Managing weight with common sense is perfect for Spring.

R = realistic. We all have unique metabolism and genetic body shapes. Be yourself and give yourself a hug. What's realistic is what works for your body. You can feel it, and ultimately you can see it. What you eat is just about you.

E = enthusiasm. It's a sparkle in your step and in your smile that makes you attractive. Enthusiasm is the beginning of passion and passion is what a Springtime fresh start brings. Tune-in to pleasure at mealtime and discover that you eat less because you're enjoying yourself more. 

Albert Einstein famously said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." If you diet, re-read that quote. 95% of people who diet gain back more weight than they lose! Diets are deprivation. Spring and intuitive eating are about pleasure. Enjoy the season!