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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Self-Sabotage '16

Intuitive thinking is the natural way of being tuned to yourself and the bigger picture. It's keeping all of your needs in focus.

Use all 6 senses to stay in touch with your body, heart, mind and soul. Don't sabotage a great meal or miss a Life opportunity by ignoring what you sense.

Choose to live intuitively and make the choice to be clear about what you are eating. This choice fine tunes your life by enhancing every choice you make.

It's easy to use intuitive tools and your 5 senses to do this. Your 6th sense balances messages from your body about hunger and priorities with what your 5 senses reveal about your eating choice at the instant you begin a meal. It's clear.

Not using all 6 senses is leaving yourself in the desert of Life without water. Notice what you sense to know what you need.

When we don’t use our senses, we don't know our selves. How can you know what you’re eating when you don’t look at your meal, taste it, smell it, or feel it enter your body? Eating is supposed to be sensual. It is intuitive to relax and enjoy your food with your senses. Try it and you will find a smile on your face.

It's self-defeating to judge yourself and ignore what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. It's like wearing blinders and earplugs to an event - You really can’t know what’s happening. Passing judgment while you eat sabotages digestion, pleaasure and quality of Life. Negative thoughts about the past or future have no connection with your meal at all. Noticing how your body feels or enjoying eating is intuitive. Intuitive living turns the tease of temptation into opportunity.

Decide to let go of negative thoughts in your head when you eat. The past is history. Allow yourself to be present. The way to do this is to chose to respect and trust yourself and commit to using your senses to enjoy your food. Be kind to yourself and good things happen..

Spring is in the air. True love is a combination of trust and honor. Spring is a perfect time to fall in love with your self. Really trust your heart, body, mind, and six senses to protect you and let that love honor who you are when you eat.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Instant Gratification is a myth.

Instant Gratification is myth.  

Change that lasts only a short time is a tease

Only slow progress endures because we're organic.  Trusting organic change requires determination and responding to what you sense. Learn to think with your senses and feel with your mind.

Because we're conditioned to "trust" instant gratification, there's a disconnect from our intuitive truth.
Instead of responding to social conditioning use your 6 senses to stay in the present. The past is history. Tune-into your choices today. 
The truth is there is no such thing as instant gratification when it comes to long-term physical changes or long term personal accomplishments.  It takes time to climb any mountain and anything can be a mountain. Thinking with your senses makes the terrain easy.  

We're programmed by media to expect instant gratification. Diets promise we'll lose 5-10 lbs a week and be an ideal body in a month. The truth is, it won't happen. Losing 5-10 lbs by starving yourself now will boomerang and end up around your middle in July.  Aren't you tired of losing and gaining weight?
Don't buy into media hype about instant gratification. Since your body is a natural system, it requires time to process change. When you use all 6 senses at mealtime, physical needs and healthy food boundaries become obvious. Real nourishment is truly achieved when you're in sync with yourself. Make a commitment to know yourself and use determination to connect with messages from your body at mealtime. Go for real gratification. It is filling and satifying at the same time.

Don't buy into diet hype about the need to eat what you don't want when you're not hungry because of a scale or a clock or a book. You have the answers and they are very personal, custom tailored to what your body needs. Your body is amazing, alive and constantly evolving.

Use intuitive tools to trust your body. Tune-into how it feels. Your body is always focused on healing and creating energyIt is more efficient than the most advanced super-computer.

Gratificaiton that's real stays around so we can enjoy it. Everything worth having takes effort. Effort creates energy of excitement and anticipation. Anticipate loving your Life and enjoying your heart, body and soul. Anticipate what you're going to do with extra energy you sense.

Notice what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell before you put anything in your mouth. Natural intuitive tools connect your head with your heart and your body. Timing and eating have a lot in common. Download a copy of Am I Really Hungry? Learn to recognize when you're hungry and when you're not. That's instant gratification.