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Monday, August 19, 2013

Need Rhythm?

Taking just one normal breath into your heart is a personal commitment to feeling your natural rhythm. Breathe more, eat less. Notice your heartbeat. That's your rhythm. 

Breathing into your heart, before each meal or snack puts you in rhythm with your needs. For best digestion, breathe relaxed when you eat. 

Everyone needs a breather to reconnect mind and body. It's how we stay in tune with ourselves. Intuitive eaters take breathers to check in with their senses and personal priorities before they eat. It’s an orgy of the eyes and tongue that considers taste, timing and the desire to look and feel good. Intuitive eating is a personal commitment to finding the right rhythm.

Breathing easy finds a rhythm that helps you lose weight because it keeps you balanced:
·      It connects you with your body.
·      It connects you with your heart.
·      It resets your mind, alleviating stress and refreshing your perspective.

Do this before you eat: Breathe in and think of your heart, and breathe out, one slow focused breath.
·      Remember, you can always eat less.
·      Be aware of signals from your body.
·      Don't rush yourself. Be patient.
·      Be thankful for having food and your life.

Intuitive eating responds to natural rhythms in your life. It's going with the unexpected & taking advantage of your body's rhythm by depending on it. It's breathing easy instead of counting breaths.

Before you close your eyes to sleep, a nice normal breath focused into your heart resets your body rhythm. This is a healthy habit that feels soothing, gentle and polite. It’s an intuitive way to respect yourself. It's a smart way to program your body/mind/self to stay in rhythm.

Resetting your natural rhythm reduces stress eating and inhibits binging. Diets and the ‘count the calories’ mentality lose sight of what eating is all about. Eating is personal. It's about pleasure, comfort and survival. Use breathing to check in with your body to find rhythm when you eat. 

It’s already mid-August. How does summer affect your appetite? Mine gets out of rhythm. So, I take a breather. 
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"If you can't solve a problem, it's because you're playing by the rules." P. Arden

Friday, August 9, 2013

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Food as love:  warning - sexy.

Are we addicted to eating? What do we need? They say "all we need is Love".  So, do we know what Love is?  If food is love, then what is enough? What are the flavors of love? What does it smell like? How does it taste? Will I like it? Will it be good for me?

Definitely, intuitive eaters relate to food as love. They get intimate with the way it looks and the way it makes them feel about themselves. They get physically turned on and off by smell, and what goes in their mouths, inside their bodies. Eating gets under their skin. It looks good. They have affairs - wild cravings they keep to themselves.

People get bored or are notoriously loyal and then, tastes change. Too much of a good thing can leave us with a belly ache that feels like betrayal, bloating, mistake, discontent.  How do you know when it's time to put a love affair with chocolate on hold?

The answer is: when you feel really satisfied and the fresh memory tells you you'll be wanting more. We're supposed to savor the love, to luxuriate with the taste of it. Sometimes it's time to move on, but that doesn't mean you can't have another meal with your old love, to see if the thrill is still there? or if it's gone.

Appetites change. Things end; things begin. Stuff happens and nothing is ever the same. Every meal is the opportunity for another taste, enhanced pleasure, a different experience - satisfying or not. Love changes us; so does what we eat. Use your senses; get intimate and demanding with your food. Be turned on by what you're eating or find another meal. Might as well face it, we're addicted to love.
Intuitive eating .. What's love got to do with it? Everything!