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Friday, December 24, 2010

Intuitive Self-Defense

Everywhere I go people are baking or eating sweets. It's that party time of the year. This is when intuitive eaters use self-defense to tune in to their senses and bodies and take control of their eating. When you eat at a party, your choices are personal and they will be the ones you live with after the holidays.
Using foresight is
looking ahead at the consequences of what you're about to do. 

Foresight is your intuitive way of seeing the long term picture. The intuitive eater looks at a plate of cookies and thinks, "If I eat a handful of these now, how will if feel in an hour?" The answer is 'not good'. The intuitive solution is to enjoy a cookie and move far away from the plate to socialize.
         The long term benefit of this solution is you feel good about your choice because you took control, it was right for you, and your body feels good too.
For intuitive eaters  enjoying a cookie is part of enjoying the whole party.
For dieters who feel deprived, the plate of cookies is a destination.
Don't get stuck at a plate of sweets. Use foresight.

          Acid reflux is an uncomfortable condition where stomach acids end up in the esophagus. It can be caused by over eating. When you overeat your stomach expands and the muscle at the top that usually stays shut, stretches open. Yuck. Another cause can be drinking alcohol in quantities or combinations that don't work for your body. You can avoid this uncomfortable condition by using foresight with your senses. Use intuitive self-defense to stay tuned in to your body.

Foresight is your natural intuitive self-defense. 
Use it with your 5 senses to keep clear about the present, 
so that you stay real and make eating choices that work with your body long term.

It's great that you are choosing to take control of your eating choices. Use foresight with your senses to realize the long term impact on your body of overeating or over-drinking. 
And now, relax and enjoy the party season!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 15 Minute Solution

Cravings and Candy

December is a time of heightened cravings. Family and friends ask, what do you want? We feel this emotionally, physically, and socially. When teased with holiday deserts, we see food not only with our eyes, but also with our hearts.

I was asked, "How can we connect with our intuition to know the difference between intuitive eating and 'unhealthy' cravings?"  
Intuitive eating feels good an hour later. 
'Unhealthy' cravings feel bad an hour later.
Intuitive eating balances what you crave with what you need to eat. Eating a square of chocolate because it makes you feel good and you like the way it tastes, is healthy. Chocolate is an anti-oxident. The body uses anti oxidents help to clean pollution from your system. Your body is intuitively efficient. Craving to eat something can mean that your body needs it. Intuitive eating is working with your body.
       When you eat one square of chocolate, it takes a full 15 minutes for your brain to know that your stomach has had happy piece of chocolate. This means, after eating one square of chocolate, take 15 minutes to socialize or even relax, to give your head time it needs to know if you still are physically craving chocolate.  Try it, and you will be surprised. 

Your body, just like your mind and and your heart, has a process it uses to be the best you can be. 
 -Respect and connect with your stomach by taking the harmless temptation of craving seriously. 
-Guide yourself intuitively by staying clear about what matters to you in the long run. 
     While you may crave candy, I bet you crave affection more. Overeating ignores your body and isolates you from others because you are not responding to what you really want. Your social needs, emotional needs, and physical needs are equally important.
Intuition connects with your point of balance so you know what you want. 
Balance is the secret of self control.
Unhealthy cravings lead to self-defeating behavior that feels bad. We all have an inner baby that manipulates us with impatience, self-pity, anger or doubt. Don't be bullied by 'unhealthy' cravings. 
Do your best for you.
Use the 15 minute rule before you go for more. 
During your 15 minutes, imagine how you feel when you take control of your choices, 
and with an open mind, stay clear about what matters to you. 
Trust your process. 
Intuitively you know what will make you feel good.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wanting the love.

Everybody knows "food is love." Everybody intuitively wants love. That's why, at a celebration, where food is abundant, it's common to overeat. 

It's not surprising at Thanksgiving, a holiday of appreciation and feasting, to discover that you feel stuffed, instead of comfortably full. Maybe the sweet potatoes with marsh mellows were better than you remembered, and the vision, you intended, of portion control didn't work. Stuff happens, and it's okay. What really matters, is that you are aware of what happened that didn't make you feel good about your self, and that you commit to be kinder to your self next time. 

Don't beat yourself up. 

It is intuitive to forgive your self, because forgiving your self is a sign of self respect. Doing this will help you automatically be more prudent about eating choices over the rest of the holiday season. It is human nature to fall down, and it is intuitive to get back up and to keep going.

Because intuitive eating is having a flexible approach, post Thanksgiving is the time to cut your self a little slack. At holiday meals, the natural focus is on socializing. However, your intuition still is there. You are changing the way you want to maintain your optimum weight. Since you've already started being aware of your body, and of messages from your 6 senses, intuition is automatically part of  your food choices.

Intuitively: You take control of your eating by staying connected to what is really important to you, which is the way you feel, and the way you look.

Intuition is not something that you force on your self. Instead intuitive eating is a way of trusting your self to eat what's in your best interest for your optimum health - even when you're "socializing."

Stay committed to intuitive eating by choosing to forgive a holiday slip up, and try to maintain more vigilance the next time spirits are merry. Everything worth achieving takes time and effort - including getting the habit of being an intuitive eater.

Enjoy the holiday and enjoy eating. You deserve the love.<3

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Party with the present.

Parties can be scary because they dredge up emotional memories. Parties can be fun, and opportunities to re-invent your self, when you stay in the present.

Fear is about the past. Intuition is about the present. During the holiday season, it's tempting to dwell in the emotional past. Use self-respect to avoid the temptation.

Fear is emotional sabotage that leads to self defeating choices. It is an emotional bully that makes you not trust your senses, your experience, or your heart! The result is you feel out of sync with your self, gorge at a party, or privately eat a loaf of bread.

You can stay in the present when you get that out of sync feeling, by using your senses to connect with what's real. Be honest with your self about what is important to you, and trust your intuition to stay clear about priorities. 

When you connect with your intuition, there is nothing to doubt. It is as real as your eyes reading this. When you are at a party, don't re-live your past, instead, connect with self-respect to protect and be good to who you are. Every effort you make, to be the best you can be, is important, and admirable. :)

Being honest with your self is what makes intuitive eating possible. It's honest to recognize fear is an emotion that has nothing to do with your physical appetite.

When you respect your self, you protect your self. Intuitive eating is a commitment to respect your self. Honesty is giving your self the chance to succeed and maintain, not gain weight. 

Stay true to you and be in sync with your body. Party with the present. The past is history.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do.

When Good Diets Don't Work Long-Term...

Leaving a diet program can feel like defeat or even like a broken heart. But instead, it's the way of being true to your body.

My neighbor was ecstatic for 2 months. She was losing weight, feeling great, and 'knew' she had finally found "the one". No - not found the man of her dreams, but she believed it was the diet that worked for her. It was exciting, something like love.

And then stuff happened. First it was the backlash from a really horrible day, which resulted in a box of donuts with a coke. That was followed by a great party where she thought she was having fun- until the next morning. Feeling let down, nothing made sense for her. Emotion driven hunger had put her out of touch with her body, and out of touch with her common sense. 

There are many good diets. The reason they work in the beginning is the diet is new, full of potential and promise. In the beginning instead of feeling restricted, you feel like you're part of the program. 
Problem is, the program is consistent and does not vary, but Life is not consistent and your body's needs vary. 

So after the flush of new wears off, you start to become physically weary of this wonderful diet, and start rebelling, by breaking the rules of the program. It's intuitive to be true to your self. But when you're emotionally invested in a diet program, it's hard to do it without feeling guilty and emotionally let-down. This is when self abuse starts.

When you reach the point where your diet is becoming frustrating, or inconvenient, or just isn't working, it is time to use common sense. Common sense tells you to listen to your body, not to abuse it. My neighbor didn't realize that she could have outgrown the great diet. Her body was telling her that she needed to change.

A good diet is not the same as a romantic commitment. A good diet is only good while it works for you. When a good diet gets stale, it's time to fine tune your senses and tune into intuition and your body to see what's missing. 

Sure, breaking up is hard to do, but changing what you eat, and how you do it, is natural, healthy and keeps you slim. Visualize your ideal body, and see it when you see yourself. That's where your heart is. 

A diet is an agenda. If the agenda works for you, do it. When it gets stale, find a new agenda.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Enjoy the occasion.

With Halloween around the corner, the annual time of parties and eating approaches. This year, decide to enjoy the company and the occasion - more than the food. It is a habit when we diet to focus on food at a party instead of the party, the fun, the company and the occasion. The result is we miss stuff.

Worrying about food challenges and weight control puts pressure on you to obsess about food and eating. The result is you are knocked off balance emotionally. That's when self-destructive eating takes place.

Enjoy the company- but connect with your 6 senses first! It's a way of really being in the moment. Talk about what you sense. This is a great conversation starter because everyone gets pleasure through their senses.

Whether it's business, or a casual social environment, enjoying your self by connecting with your senses, you will be showing that you respect your self. You will send signals without using words, that you have priorities. Everyone respects that.

If a fellow reveler thrusts a huge slice of pumpkin pie your way, cut it in half, and find a plate to slide the extra on, so you won't be tempted. Smell the pie and really taste it. Ask another guest if she has tasted the pie. Instead to talking about how much you're eating, enjoy the flavor. Talk about the celebration, and how time flies, and how good it is to reconnect with people, and catch up on what has happened since the last time.

Before you go to a party, resolve to take a pause every time a food challenge or temptation is part of an event. Re-balance your perspective to enjoy the celebration by respecting your self. This is a personal decision. No one will notice and you will be in control. Then, enjoy the party.

Eat slowly, talk more. Eat less, enjoy it more. Focus on celebrating with your heart more than with your stomach. You will leave the party feeling great, and tomorrow you will wake up feeling in control.

Try this:
While you're eating with family, on a date, or at a party, stop eating. Put your fork down and ask the person sitting next to you to tell you about their day. Let your self be distracted from the food. Let your self enjoy the company.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Is your body complaining?
Your body doesn't play games with you. It is merely a vehicle you use to maneuver through your day and your Life. But the body does complain. We experience complaints as tension, high blood pressure, discomfort, exhaustion, and a general sense of dissatisfaction.

Being nagged physically or emotionally is unpleasant and tiring.
When emotional demands override the physical needs of your body, the complaining starts. ouch. You can balance physical needs with nagging distractions that push your emotional button by depending on experience and intuitive common sense. I promise, you absolutely have the answers.

When you are around food, take a deep breath, and choose to Think Clearly.

Listen to your body by paying attention to your 6 senses: to what you see, taste, touch, smell, feel, and know in your heart, and mind. Small decisions that you make every day create the big picture of your Life.

Are the messages getting through at meal time that you're stuffed? or that the food is not what will fill you up because it's not what your body is craving. The message is: Pay Attention to your body with your 6 senses. You don't need the complaining.

Suggestions for a happy body:
When you're craving something sweet here's a satisfying alternative to junk food. Keep unsweetened frozen blueberries, strawberries, blackberries or raspberries in the freezer for sweet noshing. Berries taste good, and have anti-oxidants, and fiber. Anti-oxidants are good for fighting the effects of air pollution, and fiber keeps you regular. You can also buy unsweetened frozen cantaloupes or mangoes to have on hand. I like to freeze seedless grapes for a cool snack.

Frozen fruits can be mixed in the blender with ice cubes, milk, unsweetened juice, or yogurt for a fruit smoothie. In the morning, have a smoothie and a handful of walnuts and almonds for a quick, healthy, and power packed breakfast.

A kitchen timer can help you change your habit of eating too fast.
Set it for 30 minutes when you sit down to eat, then eat slowly so that your last bite coincides with the ding. This will allow for fullness signals to make it from your stomach to your brain. Also this will allow for more efficient digestion, because eating slowly is eating more relaxed.
Your body won't complain!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Navigating for Success

There is often much on your mind and shoulders when you eat. Life is a long series of hills and valleys that twist and turn without road maps. The trek brings challenges and opportunities that are distracting, demanding, frustrating, fortifying, and rewarding. Weight issues are another twist to navigate. Eat to fortify your future. It is intuitive to focus on eating for quality of Life. Doing this re-affirms your long-term perspective and realigns your priorities. The result is, the road of Life is easier to navigate. So, make meal time, a time of personal self-indulgence.

Do Not Quit
"When things go wrong as they sometimes will;
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill;
When the funds are low, and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but have to sigh;
When care is pressing you down a bit-
Rest if you must, but do not quit.
Success is failure turned inside out;
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt;
And you can never tell how close you are.
It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the fight when your hardest hit.
It's when things go wrong, you must not quit." (Anonymous)
What are you hungry for? Hunger is a heart felt as well as a physical experience. Hunger is real. Use your six senses to recognize it. Feed what's real and you will discover that you can get what you want, and where you want to go.
Be true to your self. When you're struggling with weight issues, or emotional issues, be kind to your self, and be ready to give your self another chance. Using your eyes, ears, taste, smell, and touch when you eat, tunes you in to your body. See it healthy and your ideal weight. Feed your ideal self. Watch it evolve.
The only time you fail is when you give up.
Your intuition will never desert you. So use it. There is always another chance to listen to your body and your heart, and do the right thing. This is your Life and this is your time. Enjoy living, and enjoy eating!
Nobody is more important than you are, so respect your self. Navigate for success.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shake it up!

This is the first day of Autumn. Leaves are turning colors and wind has picked up. The seasons are a symbol of natural rhythms that are part of Life. Shake up your eating habits and look at colors differently. Eat something that is only fresh now, and notice how your body responds. I think you'll have an unexpected energy boost.

Just like the weather has seasons and you change your wardrobe, the seasons are also a natural time for you to change the kinds of foods you eat. When eating is a habit - like you have the same lunch every day, or always eat a certain breakfast, or never have eggs for dinner- you lose touch with what your body really wants and needs.

Your body makes it clear when you're hungry. However it's important to realize your body's needs change all the time. That means different foods satisfy you at different times. Don't eat the same foods all the time because your body won't be satisfied, and you will still feel hungry. ouch. Take a few moments to notice what you're eating and how you feel.

It's September, and suddenly there are different fresh foods at the market. This is a natural head's up that something new is available. Take it as an opportunity to eat seasonal foods you never tried before. Different foods nourish different organs in your body. Your body will tell you what it needs. Be bold and enjoy the experiment.

You will achieve success of your eating goals by using your senses to notice what's going on with your body. Your senses naturally connect with what feels right, because your senses keep you in touch with the bigger picture of your life. Use your 6 senses and you will maintain, not gain weight.

When it comes to diet and eating, your habit may be to see your self though others eyes, or to feed your body what others suggest. Taking suggestions makes sense only when you use your brain with your gut and respond to what your body feels. You have the answers for you. Nobody else does.

Changing your eating routine is going to be exciting. Shake it up, feel refreshed and benefit with the body you want.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emotional Button Control

I have been writing a booklet about writer's block for a lecture I'm giving in October.* Writer's block is a form of self-sabotage, just like over-eating. People who write fall into emotional traps that push buttons, so that they lose their perspective about what they want to write. It's the same thing that happens when an emotional button sends you "hungry" for comfort food or into a tailspin of over-eating. Life happens.

If you focus on losing control, or beat your self up, you are continuing a cycle of emotional abuse. Focusing on what went wrong creates an emotional trap where perspective is lost. That's when you feel out of control. ouch!

The important thing is forgive your self.

That is when you are able to help your self. There is a saying, Give me the strength to accept things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Talk to your self. Feed your self language of emotional support, not language of emotional abuse. Listen to how you talk to your self.

Reality is often not pleasing or easy to understand, but it is a sounding board for choices. The next time an emotional button is pushed, you can choose to notice that the emotion has nothing to do with hunger for food. One thing is independent of the other.

There really is a possibility at all times, for you to see the bigger picture.

Eat your next meal like it's the first time you ever ate. Really taste your food and savor the experience. Notice how hungry you are and respect the body you're feeding. Accept and allow the choices you make. Listen for your intuitive voice and trust it to protect you and provide you the opportunity to eat wisely to be happy with your body.

Your 6th sense balances your emotions with your ideas so that you can make clear choices when you sit down to eat. When you trust your intuition, you use it. Intuition is your innate wisdom. You will discover that when you trust your intuition, you are in control. You will feel good about your choices.

*If interested, you can download the booklet about writer's block:
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Book page link-



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Temptation and Obsession

What is the difference between temptation and obsession when it comes to diet?

Being tempted to eat means you are still in control. We all live with temptation. We are in a kind of flow, where choices must be made before we realize it. You are tempted to stay longer, leave earlier, eat more, work-out less, make a call, turn off the phone, take a chance, stay with the familiar, stop learning new things, start something new- . Temptation makes you think twice. It puts you to the test. Because temptation forces you to think twice, you are in control.

Temptation is the opportunity for you to remember and feed your eating priorities. This will satisfy you physically and emotionally. Think twice about what your body needs to feel satisfied by noticing what you notice. When you tune in to your body and make the choice to respect your self, things will start to make sense. Amazingly temptation brings out the best in you.

Obsessing feels like being out of control. In fact, obsession is losing perspective about what makes you feel good. Perhaps the obsession is pizza, chocolate, or pasta and you only can think of finding satisfaction with your obsession. But- the problem is that it doesn’t happen. The result is of obsessive eating is physical discomfort, and emotional dissatisfaction because in fact, food is not a substitute for what you really want. Only eating for quality of life, and to enjoy the experiences of taste and smell, can satisfy your emotional needs.

You will stay in control by remembering your emotional demands are not more important then your physical needs. Using your senses to know your self physically puts your emotional demands in a healthy perspective. Ideas that turn into obsessions about what to eat, may not be in sync with your physical needs. Be flexible with yourself and you will discover that you have the answers.

Trust your intuition. Your first intuitive sense is your survival instinct. Use it.
Don’t be tempted to: Ignore what you know. Don't abuse your body and don't defeat your eating goals.

Scan my Intuitive Eating blogs for a title that sounds like the eating temptation you are facing today and read it. This will help you connect with your intuition and stay in control of your eating.

Many people write to me because they identify with my March 23 blog: Zig Zag Eating,   Is that you?

We’re in this together, and we’ll walk through this together. You are not alone. Keep your head up and your eyes open. You have "it".


Monday, August 9, 2010

Every day is unpredictable.

     Every day is unpredictable. So much decides what you genuinely need to eat. For example- the weather, stress, happiness, and sleep all impact your organic self. You are intuitively responding with your senses to everything, all the time. 

Be gentle, you are organic.
Organic means: not artificial.
To be your ideal weight: work with your body, don’t fight it, or ignore it.

     Feed your self what nourishes, not what ‘fills you up’. Nourishing your self is done with food, and with ideas. It is done by connecting with your 6 senses when you eat. Your senses work with your mind and your body to let you be clear about what is nourishing. Let your intuition be your guide.  Trust your self.

     Every one has a physical and a mental process of growing that cannot be rushed. You can’t be rushed to change your thinking, your weight, or your style. Be proud that you are seeking answers and knowledge. That means you’re smart and you’re cool.

While you’re thinking, ask your self:
Do I have eating patterns?
What gets in my way of supporting my health and fitness when I eat?
How can I approach eating differently?

     Often, when thinking about losing and maintaining weight, we are easy prey to doubts that it will work, or fears that we won’t be able to stick it out.  These self- defeating thinking habits interfere with responding to what your body needs. There is no such thing as a quick fix that endures. Every dieter knows this from experience.
Don't feed your self doubt or fear. 
When you listen to your senses, you are feeding yourself compassion, and understanding. 
This is empowering!

Your body is not a machine and you are not generic. That’s why only you know your best eating choices. Use your eyes to see what you want. Connect with how your body feels. Think about what’s in your best interest. Respond to your life as it’s happening. Plan to feed your self in a healthy way to maintain your weight. That is a nourishing thought.  It is you respecting your self.

Your body cannot be rushed to change. To lose weight or maintain weight loss, you need to be gentle with your self. Being gentle is the secret of self - control. 

Enjoy eating with all of your senses and you will eat less.  That's a promise.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Are you being tricked into eating more than you’re really hungry for?

Fifty years ago the average restaurant dinner plate was just 8 inches across. That size plate holds about 140 calories. Today your dinner is probably served on a plate that is 12 inches across (or bigger). That size holds about 350 calories. Even spoons and forks are bigger now then they were.

Yikes- the bigger the plate the more you eat. The bigger the spoon or fork, the more food goes in to your mouth at once. This doesn't give your stomach much of an option. Ouch.

Another trick that makes us eat more is a huge plate with what appears to be small portions on it. This fools us every time. It’s like trick photography where they show you the same piece of bread on 2 plates. The same piece of bread looks much smaller on the bigger plate. But, it’s a trick! Big plates are deceptive.

If you don’t want to be bigger, consider the up side of using smaller plates and even smaller spoons and forks. Think of it as the easy way for you to achieve portion control. When you downsize your spoon and fork and ask for a smaller plate, you can enjoy conversation and not pay attention to how much you’re eating because your portion will be exactly right- not super-sized.

When you don’t over eat, it makes sense that you will maintain your weight. When it comes to eating, bigger is not better. The way to take control, is to not be tricked by accepting huge plates of food. You have 2 choices- ask for a smaller plate and just put on it what fits, or ask for your plate to be divided. The extra food can be put in a bag to eat another day, or if taking it home is a form of temptation, then give it away.

Eating what you like is an intuitive trick for burning more calories!

Enjoying what you eat at every meal is intuitive. It has been proven that when you enjoy what you eat, your body digests food more efficiently. This means eating what you like, instead of forcing yourself to eat “what is good for you”, actually burns more calories. And obviously, it keeps you happy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Climate Control

Hot Weather means different body needs.

I live in NYC and the heat for the past 3 days has been over 100 degrees setting all kinds of records. Heat affects us in so many ways- besides the obvious sweating and discomfort- really hot weather impacts our appetite. We instinctively eat less or lighter foods in hot weather.

This sounds good for losing weight, but the problem is that a lot of us live with air conditioning. When you’re cooled off, a big hot steak, and a piece of heavy cake looks appetizing. Ouch.

Don’t be fooled into eating by climate control.

Extreme heat also effects us emotionally. Temperatures can shorten, and moods can dip. Emotions that make you eat destructively or want to give up are not intuitive. Intuitively you want the best for your self.
A good summer habit is to sip water while working or relaxing.

Be careful of fruit drinks because they often are as sugary as soda. 
What your body wants when you are hot, is water. 

If you don’t like the taste of water, then try some of these tricks:
         -Put about an inch of fruit juice in your glass and fill the rest with water. If it’s available, add ice to help you cool down. Plus, the chilled drink may taste better to you.
         -Keep some herbal/fruity iced tea in the fridge. Many herbal teas have raspberry or other fruits in them. Since it’s hot to make tea, if you have the time, any tea can be made in advance by just placing tea bags in a pitcher of water, and letting it sit in a sunny window for a few hours or overnight. The flavor will automatically seep out of the bag and into the water. Sweeten your tea with fruit juice.
        -A slice of lemon or lime can make a glass of water a drink. Lemon or lime with a few tablespoons of juice mixed with water is very refreshing.

So when you’re feeling frazzled, drink some ice water sweetened with juice and take a cool shower. Don’t make any important decisions until your body is comfortable. Then use your six senses, tune in to your heart, remember lessons of past experiences, and you’ll know what is best for you.

Use the hot summer months to eat differently and see how your body responds. Trust your instinct to eat light and you will feel lighter. Winter eating habits are for the winter- your needs change with the seasons. Go with the flow and be adventurous.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Eating habits are not healthy.

Each time you eat a meal, you have one choice which is to satisfy your hunger. That is the purpose of eating. The way to do this is not so simple because of habits that tell you there are three choices when you see a large plate of food in front of you. These are:

#1: Allow things to work out is your intuitive choice.

This means you tune in to your body, and listen to your senses, and remember what you know from past eating experiences. If you tune in to your body and there is no hunger response, the choice is to not eat. You are not always hungry. This is listening to your inner truth. It is you, connecting with your intuition.

Allowing things to work out takes courage and determination. Courage is energy you are born with and can always tap into. Like your intuition, it is always present. ( March 2010 blogs speak about courage in depth.)

Allowing things to work out means trusting your inner truth, and
connects with your self-esteem.
Ultimately it feels great and you look great!

#2: Forcing your self is a habit.

When you force your self to eat certain foods, or within certain calorie constraints, you are fighting your self. The result is often dissatisfaction with your meal, and even rebelling by over-eating Even if you succeed in restricting your intake based on external rules, the victory is both hollow and temporary. 95% of people who lose weight by dieting gain it back.

Eating is natural. Instead of forcing your self, tune in to your body, and your heart, and reflect on what makes you feel good, when you eat. Connect with your whole self. When you trust your self, you will not be destructive.

Yes, it’s good to learn about diets and food. Curiosity is a powerful intuitive tool. Use it as a guide, and trust where you’re going. Reading this means you’re going toward your goal of being your healthy weight.

People who are starving are restricted by circumstances. Celebrate your good fortune by respecting your self and allowing things to work out. Keeping clear about your priorities connects with your inner courage and you feel liberated.

#3: Ignoring the problem is a habit.

Ignoring something doesn't make it go away. Because every meal brings a new set of circumstances, it is not always wrong to relax your sense of balance, and eat an extra donut to celebrate or have desert, because you are with good friends. However, ultimately you must respect your body and your senses, and not eat destructively.
It feels wrong to abandon your self-respect.
Remember, if it feels wrong, it is wrong.
Relaxing "self-control" does not mean abandoning self-respect. It means allowing your self to listen to your whole being- heart, mind, soul and body and to stay in the moment. Trust your intuition, don't ignore it.  Your intuition keeps your perspective clear so you can allow things to work out in your best interests.

You have one choice and you have habits. Habits around eating are not helpful. Lose those habits and enjoy the difference in your quality of Life!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Compromise = Heart Ache

Talking and Eating at the same time...

I got the following question about last weeks blog that I want to share with everyone.  I think the question about how to be social and pay attention to the smell and taste of food is one many people have.  Let me know if this helps!  ;)

Good blog. Especially relevant is being alert when eating. All too often, I find myself picking up the fork by rote without paying any attention to the smell and taste of the food. A huge challenge to this is while engaged in conversation with a table mate, how do you concentrate on the food when you're trying to pay attention and stay in the conversation? from Linda K.

Instead of focusing on concentrating on food only, be completely in the moment. Bring what matters to you in to the conversation. While engaging in the conversation, why not mention how good the food smells or tastes? Or why not mention the obscene size of the portion? Both of you are eating. I expect that the person you are socializing with also is wanting to be his or her healthy and attractive weight, and has concerns about food and eating.

You will discover that when you let the moments flow and keep alert about the big picture, then everything will happen as it should. When you relax while you eat, this is easier. When you relax, the person you are with will also! Try it and see!

It’s all connected- food, conversation, politics, your life.. Relaxing is to trust your self. Being true to your self means staying connected to the big picture of your Life. When you are eating and talking, the moment is not just about the conversation, or food, or why you two are together.
Being alert means seeing the big picture.

Following your intuition means:
Trust what matters in your heart- and what matters is that you are committed to being good to your body, and your Life, by using your senses when you eat. Being kind to your self is not an option, it’s a responsibility. Life is a gift that comes with strings attached.

Many people don’t realize how fabulous Life is until they are dieing, or badly injured. Don’t wait to be disappointed.  Instead, love your life. Be kind to your self.

Inner truth needs no defense. People find it charming because it feels “right" when they hear it.

Why limit what you feel in your heart?
Some limits make sense because they give us strength.
Limiting what matters to you in your heart, is self-defeating.
Don’t compromise your heart.
Compromise = Heartache

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Body Language

Your body is talking to you. Are you listening?

Your body clearly tells when you are hungry. It has a language all its own that is a kind of a nudge or at times a push, or even a kick in the gut. At other times, when you are around food, your body will communicate by feeling shut down. Learning to recognize your body’s language will help you to stay tuned in to when to eat and to what's good to eat.

Listening to your body will have it, and you, feeling satisfied and energized.

Tune in to your body language by respecting and feeling it.
Here are ways to stay connected with your body when you eat:

First: Be Tolerant of your whole self- body and mind, by acknowledging that you are trying hard to eat smart for your body. Part of being tolerant is forgiving the past and staying in the present.

Hey- the present is the only thing that exists right now!

Second: Stay Alert by using your 6 senses (see, smell, taste, touch, hear, intuition) when you are around food. A lot of over eating happens because we don’t even notice we are putting food into our body. Being alert you will notice how your body feels when you eat. 

Let your intuition work for you.
Trust your intuition the way you trust your ears and eyes. Using your 5 physical senses when you eat takes you away from what you’re thinking and connects you with your body.

Your intuition stays in touch with your mind, body, and your heart to keep your priorities clear.

Third: Stay Determined to follow through with being Tolerant and Alert. 
Determination is your commitment to connect with your whole being for eating smart. 
Determination is will-power.  You have it!
You can rely on following your intuitive truth to create the changes you want.

Don’t wait until your body is screaming at you with gas or bloat pain. 
Don’t wait until your body is embarrassing you when you put on your bathing suit or when you’re ready to make love. 
Listen to your body.

Then: Be proud of your body. Respect your whole self- body, mind, and heart and you will be proud of your self. Eat smart by respecting your self. Your body will be purring, and you will be happy.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quick weight loss fix means quick weight gain.

A quick weight loss fix means quick weight gain.
Weight loss that is permanent happens slowly. We all know this, but with swimsuit season upon us, the quick solutions like “lose 30 pounds in 30 days!”, make us doubt our experience. So the question is, where does the doubt come from?

Doubt comes from fear. It is a fear of not being in control of our body or our weight. When you trust your 6 senses, you can use your intuition to let go of doubt caused by fear. You can trust your intuition because it is your inner personal trainer - always focused on your best interests.  When you follow your intuition, you are alert, determined and in control.

Martin Luther King quoted the bible many times, “The Truth Shall Set You Free!” But still we wonder- how can I know what is true?  
Your intuition will never lead you to do anything self-destructive. 
The truth feels good. That’s how to recognize it!

Listen to your intuition and you will recognize your questions. These include:
What am I really hunger for?
What am I eating? and Does it satisfy my appetite?
To know the answers use your 6 senses.

Let go of doubt and replace it with nothing.
Sounds easy but it's not so simple. What helps me to have this sort of peace of mind is my experience that only things that evolve slowly really last. Losing weight slowly means getting rid of it for good.

Eat slowly, enjoy every bite!

Be thankful that you are not hungry like so many are in our world.
Life is good when we remember to Live.  Live well by using your 6 senses. Intuitive eating feels good!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chocolate - Share the pleasure.

This past week was my birthday, and I got a lot of tempting and delicious chocolate.

My friend Elan in Colorado baked me chocolate chocolate chip cookies from a French recipe that are huge and light and deeply, deeply, chocolate. These cookies are a delicious, amazing, seductive experience. And my daughter, gave me chocolate covered espresso beans and chocolate filled candy from an exclusive chocolatier in NYC. OMG. It has been at first very hard, because, of course, I wanted all of it.

When I spoke with Elan to thank her I confessed to actually eating 2 of the cookies in one sitting (which made me feel wildly overdosed on sugar) and she told me she only eats ½ of one at a time! Ouch.

Chocolate is wonderful, delicious, and fattening- so when you have chocolate, break it into bite sized pieces and share that wonder and delicious part with a friend or family member.  It makes them happy and it makes you feel good about your self. 

Chocolate: Connect with your body by really tasting it and savoring the flavor. Connect with your heart by sharing the pleasure. Connect with your intuition by doing what's best for you.

It doesn’t have to be your birthday to be surrounded by foods that will tempt you with their taste and make it hard to resist over eating. But do yourself and those you love a favor and keep temptation away by sharing. Take the box of candy to work and set it out on a table with a note: "Enjoy". No one will complain. And you will set a standard that feels healthy for your spirit. It’s a way of respecting your self.

Don’t be tempted by the illusion of satisfaction. Real satisfaction is a process, not a conclusion. You’ll feel good about your choice when you give your chocolate away. Having no temptation is a relief.

After talking to my friend, I remembered the Hobbits in the J.R.R. Tolkien books. They give presents to others on their birthday. So, I have been giving the chocolate cookies and candies as bite-size treats to friends to celebrate my birthday. Everyone is loving it, and I’m loving the way my body feels. It wasn’t easy but I’ve learned that difficulties can stimulate our greatest achievements! Giving away chocolates is an achievement.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life is a gift and Intuition a S.O.R.

Loneliness is often the reason we eat when we’re not hungry. Food, in our busy and complex times, can be easier to get then human contact. Sometimes you may eat food because you are hungry for a human link. Remember intuition is your ultimate connector. It balances what you sense with what you know and what you feel, to give you the clear “right” choice. Let your intuition guide your eating choices.

Your 6 senses work with your body so that you can be clear about what you are hungry for. Your intuition will help you recognize: if you're hungry for company, or if you need to eat.  Eating what you don’t need, or want, is a sure way to gain weight.

Polishing your senses will help you recognize what to eat that makes sense for your body and to be your healthy weight. It will also help you recognize where your appetite is coming from. Importantly, fine tuning your senses opens up choices that are empowering in every area of your being.

Life is a gift. The dictionary defines a gift as “natural talent”. Fine tuning your senses nourishes your natural talents of seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and touching, and opens opportunity throughout your Life by connecting you with your present.

Stress in our lives dulls our senses. Before you eat, choose to reconnect with the present and connect with your 6 senses. Use your intuitive breathing-  3 deep breaths in and 3 deep breaths out. Open your eyes, use your ears, listen to your heart, and respect your experience. 3 breaths in and 3 breathes out before the first bite.

When our senses are dulled we make the wrong connections.
Fine tuning your 5 senses connects with your intuition, and you strengthen positive links in your life.  Try it.

You will find clarity, and a sense of relief.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Resist Fear.

Feeling a little on the edge, about trusting your senses to lose weight or maintain your weight, is natural. Fear is an emotion. Emotional eating habits are bullies that don’t have your self-interest in mind. Emotions distract you from what's in your best interest. Tuning-in with your senses protects you form fear.  Intuition often is a feeling of clarity.

Trying new ways of doing things, takes courage. Don't underestimate your efforts.
 “Courage is resistance to fear, a mastery of fear- not absence of fear.”  ~Mark Twain
Many dieters are afraid that they will not be able to control their eating if they eat what they want. This is not true. Intuition connects with your survival instinct. It naturally protects your body when you eat. The way to recognize your intuition is by staying aware of your other senses. You gain weight when you are unaware of what you are sensing while you eat.
  • Your senses: sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing are natural born guides for healthy eating and they connect you with that 'gut feeling', the little nudge - that's your intuitive sense.
  • Your 6th sense, intuition, balances what you sense with what you know and what you feel, so healthy eating choices result.  
  • Instinctively, you know what feels good to you and is good for your body.
If you're lonely or fearful about eating, it can be because you are ignoring responding to what you sense with your eyes, ears, nose and skin. The result is you don’t connect with your body or your food and so eat wrong foods that don’t satisfy you, or else, eat in a way that may harm your body. Ouch!
Practice fine tuning by noticing what you notice and you will connect with your inner courage. As you use them, your senses become walls of protection to help you eat wisely. It's amazing.
Make the commitment to be honest about how you feel, physically and emotionally when you eat. This is courage to be true to yourself. Instead of emotional eating, learning to connect with your body this way means you'll eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let your senses guide you.

Don’t resist your natural knowledge. You know much more then you realize.  Use your senses to realize how amazing you are.

Sometimes when you decide to lose weight, eating seems to be the problem but, it's not. Eating without noticing what you notice or how your body feels leads to overeating.  Instead of seeing eating as an obstacle to losing weight, use the natural tools of your 6 senses to relax around eating. Then you can more easily recognize and respond to energy flowing from your senses and use it to be in sync with your body when you eat.

1. Notice messages from your body. Tune in. Are you hungry? How hungry? What do you feel like eating?

2. Notice your eyes. Look at your plate. What do you see? Does the food please you? Does it look enormous? Does it look fattening? Does it look boring?

3. Recognize your nose. Smell your food. Does the smell make you want to eat it?

4. Intuition is a connector.  It connects the messages from your senses, with what you feel, and what you know. Recognize the role of your intuition. Use it to pause, and breathe in and out, 3 times. This will relax you and aid your thinking and your digestion. Your body will burn calories more efficiently and you will eat less.

5. Make sure the portion is not bigger than your fist. If it is- remove the extra from your plate.

6. Use your senses of taste and touch. Eat slowly, and ENJOY your meal.

Make it easy to lose weight by not resisting what you know by using your 6 senses. In the beginning, this will seem like very little because you are not used to realizing what you notice. But by deciding to be open to what you notice, suddenly you will see the food on your plate from a new perspective.

In fact, you know what you feel like eating and how eating makes you feel. You have the answers. We are all part of things we cannot control. Still, you can see where you are and where you want to be, and point your self consciously in that direction by using your senses to guide your eating choices. This way, you can control your self.

See eating as the solution. Use your senses of taste, smell, sight, and touch and listen to your heart and mind. Intuitive eating is a choice to make to reach your eating goals for the best quality of life. Doing what is in your best interest makes sense.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


When you don’t believe you can lose weight and keep it off, this attitude is communicated to every cell in your being. A habit of being cynical, skeptical, or even indifferent, towards your body and your ability to be a healthy weight, cripples your 6th sense.  Habits shut us down.

In our fast-paced world, we forget to give our self, breathing room. The way to check in, and then change limiting attitude habits, is to give your self space.  Space is breathing room.

At meal time, slowly breathe in and out at least  3 times, before you even think about eating choices. It’s what I call doing the “intuitive pause”. You can think of this exercise as the way of pushing your own  "refresh" button.   

Take 3 long, slow, deep, breaths in, and 3 long, deep, breaths out, and give yourself the opportunity to take some time to tune in to your heart, body, and soul.  Then use your 5 physical senses to be clear about your eating choices from this re-freshed perspective.

If you are eating alone, write short answers to these questions when you take your 3 breaths. Doing this will connect you with defeating attitudes towards your self and eating that are habits.
            Breath #1: Who is the person I am feeding? 
            Breath #2: What do I really want out of this meal?
            Breath #3: What is my attitude about food and eating?

This is an opportunity to connect with your self-respect. Practice doing this and all of your effort will pay off. Visualize your ideal body and feed that body when you eat. 

As you fine tune your 5 physical senses, taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight, you are tuning in to your 6th sense, your intuition. Because all of your senses are always working together, it happens naturally.

As you become firmly committed to respecting your whole self- body, mind, heart, and soul, you will discover that your attitudes evolve, and that your intuition about who you are, what you really want, and how you feel about your self becomes clearer. You will learn from experience how to create what serves your genuine desires. This happens over time.

You will discover this attitude change lifts the weight of fears and doubts from your being. Ridding yourself of the habits of self-defeating attitudes literally rids you of weight by connecting you with your natural intuitive voice.  Try it!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Traps, Tricks, and Rules

When have you felt trapped by your emotional appetites?  Share your story.

Every day eating challenges tend to be sneaky. They happen when you are vulnerable, due to exhaustion, both emotional and physical. Confronted with a huge plate of pasta or the option to have soda, habit tells us to eat. Then when we are feeling somewhat better, the overeating begins to feel bad. And so, we feel betrayed by our self. ouch!

Eating out of habit is a trap. The way to beat the trap is to follow the rule of intuitive eating. The rule is to use your senses.  When your plate appears, look at it before you pick up your fork.  Pause, and think about whether you really feel like eating it, or whether you feel trapped.  Listen to your intuition. Check in with your body. Trust you self. You know how you feel.

When you feel trapped, ask for another plate and place ½ of everything on the second plate. Have the 2nd plate removed. Then, eat slowly. See if you can recognize what you are feeling in your body and through your emotions. Tune in to your senses. Remember, you only need your feed your body - not your emotions.  Appetites are driven by dreams, fears, and fashion as well as by physical need.  The trick is to rely on your 6 senses to recognize your hungers and balance your appetite.

When we stay clearly in touch with the present by using the tools of our senses it becomes obvious what is pushing our buttons around food and eating.  Hunger buttons are not just physical.  Our emotional response can put us in an eating mode where we feel trapped.  When this happens, you can outsmart the emotional trap by fine tuning your senses.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hitting the weight loss wall?

Sometimes the reason you can’t achieve weight loss goals is because you’re so used to following the old rules about eating that you’re are in a rut, hitting a wall. It's a mental trap. Really connecting with what you see, taste, smell, touch, and hear, will re-fresh you, and bring a new perspective about diet and eating.

Everything you know about dieting comes from eating experiences accumulated over years of trying to lose weight. In fact, following the same old rules brings the same unsatisfying conclusions. You are not the same person- physically or emotionally you were a year ago. Old solutions only work with old problems. Your eating challenges are brand new. Today is not your past. This is your ‘now’.

Sure you may still find sugar sexy, a jar or mayonnaise seductive, or a quart of ice cream irresistible. But you are thinking differently now. That’s why you’re reading this. Connect with self-respect and listen to what your 6 senses tell you. Visualize your body the way you want to see it. Treat it the way you want to be treated. It’s intuitive to protect and respect your self.

When you hit your weight loss wall, tune in to your senses, and everything else will follow. Fine tuning by noticing what you are seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling, frees up your mind to wander, and puts you in the present when you sit down to eat. It's liberating!

Fine tune your senses and you will open your mind to your dreams.  Staying in the present means being clear about your eating priorities.  Eat to be healthy and feel good. Walls will be gone.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Say Hello to your Heart!

When you think about eating only in terms of body and calories, you are by-passing the core of who you are. The core of who you are beats 24/7, and is the source of your dreams.  Say Hello to your Heart!
Your intuition is a natural part of who you are, just like your eyes, ears, taste, touch, and sense of smell. It is your 6th sense and part of your heart connection. Intuition is your way to sense being complete and balanced within your self. Trusting your intuition is how to recognize eating priorities that work for your body and your heart. 

Your 6th sense automatically responds to messages from your 5 senses and to what is happening in your body.  At the same time your amazing intuition balances what you know, with what you feel. The job of your intuition is keep you clear about your priorities. As you recognize your 6th sense, you feel complete from head to toe. It becomes obvious that your body depends on your heart, and that your heart depends on your body. When we eat, feeding our heart and our body, our priorities are good health, and abundant energy. 

The-Intuitive-Diet is an eating lifestyle that nurtures your heart by being good to your body. In fact, by keeping your body in shape and a weight that is healthy, you are honoring your heart.

Before you eat, take a deep breath in and a long breath out, and notice the beating of your heart. Your heart is always working for you, to achieve your goals and dreams. Remember this, and use your senses, including common sense, when you eat.

When you start to trust your intuitive connection, you say Hello to your Heart!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Emotional Buttons and the Heart

Emotional hot buttons create self-doubt. To lose weight using your intuition, you need to know and trust your self.

Trusting your intuitive voice removes the confused energy of self-doubt, and opens opportunities for you to make choices that feel good to your body, and your heart. Your intuition is always kind, and allows making and correcting mistakes. Eating mistakes are generally the result of emotional confusion around food and eating.

As you fine tune your senses, you are constantly renewing a unique human connection within your self. This connection will keep you in the present, providing clarity and focus about what matters. Your six senses will help you recognize the power not only of your physical appetite, but also of your emotional appetites. When you are clear about these, you are in control, and eating choices are easier.

The habit of "dieting" create pools of emotions based on self-doubt. Doubt pushes deep emotional buttons that are experienced as fear, envy, anger, desire, vindictiveness, ambition, and even stubbornness. These negative emotions are ones we turn on our selves, and they always create some kind of renewed self-doubt and fear. Fear exaggerates our emotional buttons. Choosing to make your intuitive connection makes fear tiny.

Intuitive eating focuses on enjoying food for quality of life. Using your intuition, you stay clearly in the present, and recognize the experience of your emotional hunger, and the need to feed your physical hunger. As you feed your body intuitively, notice how you feel- when you open your eyes in the morning and throughout the day- about your self, about your body, and about your choices. Even though eating relates to nourishing your body for strength and health, making your intuitive connection is a choice that connects with your heart.

Your intuition will never desert you. There is always another chance to listen to your inner voice and do the right thing. Choose to feed your dream body. Be true to your heart.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Connect with Pleasure

Eating is a way to connect with pleasure in your life. Of course you eat to survive, but the gifts of your senses also encourage and allow you to enjoy the tease of colors, sights, smells, textures, and tastes. That’s one reason why it’s nice to eat slowly and in an environment where you are physically comfortable. Why not enjoy the tease?

As you fine tune your five physical senses, taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight, you are tuning in to your sixth sense, your intuition.
Your intuition gives you the distinct pleasure of knowing your self.

Connecting with your intuition happens naturally because, in fact, all of your senses are always working together. Being aware of this, keeps you clear about what matters to you when you eat. This is comforting and reassuring, and a form of being in control. Being in control means you are clear about what you are doing when you are eating. If you sit down to eat confused, or ignore what you are sensing, then misunderstanding happens, and the result is overeating, or eating for the wrong reasons, or eating what makes you feel physically or emotionally bad about yourself. This is the opposite of pleasure.

Do you know that expression: Wake up and smell the roses.”?  The point is that there are flowers blooming in your life all of the time- even while you’re asleep, or eating. The other point is that your nose enables you to enjoy their sweet scent. Have you ever walked in a room and smelled cookies baking, or someone’s perfume? Your sense a smell is a tool to use when you chose what to eat.

Each sense serves as a pleasure center.
Your eyes tantalize by revealing beauty and potential.
Your ears bring words and songs to encourage, lift and entertain.
Your sense of touch is the key some of your most tender and most erotic sensations.
Taste and smell work together as a constant source of satisfaction.
Your intuition pulls it altogether.

Trust and respect your senses. As you recognize your senses working in unison, you will receive the most satisfaction of your life. Satisfaction is the foundation of pleasure. When you sit down to eat, think of the pleasures in front of you.

Eat less, chew more, and let yourself enjoy the tease.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Eating Habits

At a party last night, someone told me he thought eating three times a day- even if you’re not hungry- was normal. It’s not. Eating if you’re not hungry is how to gain weight fast. Eating for satisfaction is intuitive. Your intuition guides you to satisfy hunger and keep your body fortified. When eating becomes a habit, it’s time to wake up.

Your intuition always leads to your best interests. That doesn’t mean it’s easy because none of us are brought up being told to trust our intuition. So to be an intuitive eater, we have to change our habit of ignoring ‘that little voice’.

Ignoring messages from your body and censoring that little voice means being out of touch with your self. The result is you take your self for granted. Ouch. Being taken for granted feels bad.

Eating habits are like sleep-walking because habits are unconscious. Habits leave you in the dark. Some eating habits are emotion driven, and so do take time and effort to recognize. Emotions that create doubt are habits that stop you from achieving your eating goals. Emotional habits can feel like boredom, anger,or depression. As you fine tune your six senses, you won't be prey to these culprits.

Eating when you’re not hungry is clearly not in your best interests. Eating has to be an honest response to your body to nurture you. When you eat what feels good to your body, and satisfies your desire for physical pleasure (taste), and emotional need (comfort and self-respect), you will not eat what you don’t want, and you will not eat when you’re not hungry.

Eating out of habit is the opposite of being a sensuous eater. Why not skip a meal now and then and use that break in habit to wake up your ability to recognize what your body is really hungry for.

Then, eat for satisfaction.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lose weight without thinking!

Intuition is not a way of thinking. It is a way of being tuned in to your self. You are born much more capable and complete then the most advanced computer. It's mind blowing to even begin to think about what goes on 24/7 with your body. Every cell is reproducing itself, your heart beats, your eyes see, your mind thinks, your lungs are always in motion- and that’s all stuff you don’t have to think about!

Intuition is your sixth sense and it filters and clarifies everything that you are, in a way that is protective, and also gives you pleasure. This is why intuitive eating works to lose weight and to maintain your healthy weight.

When you eat, you are laying the foundation for your future. Eating connects with much more than losing or gaining weight. Eating connects with your sense of personal satisfaction, your physical comfort, and the energy you have- to deal with stress and to create pleasure in your life. Eating impacts your sex drive, the color of your skin, and the way you perspire. Intuitive eating is totally natural and easy- just like breathing. That’s why letting intuition to guide your eating choices makes sense.

You can recognize your intuition by noticing what you notice. Being determined helps. Be determined and you will begin to remember to recognize what you are seeing when you sit down to eat. Stay determined to use your intuition to lose weight, and notice how your food tastes and smells. Notice how your body feels when you eat. Be determined to connect with your self to be the best that you can be. That is all you need to do to connect with your sixth sense. You don’t need to think about it.

Be determined. Don't think. Just make the choice.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Allow your dreams.

Look at your self in the mirror and see inside your heart.
Allow your self to dream.
See your body the way you dream it.

As you fine tune your senses and listen to your intuition, you will realize that you know what you want. It sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?  And yet, it works. It has been said that Truth makes all things possible. Connecting with your six senses connects with your truth and your dreams.

Tuning in to your intuition is tuning in to your natural power base. It is the power of clarity that connects with your five physical senses and guides you to make wise decisions about food choices. Because your intuition connects with your truth, listening to it works to improve your life.

You can loose weight without suffering. Don’t give up because this is not familiar. Instead, give your self a chance to have what you want. Dream that you are in control of what you eat and that your body looks and feels good. Then use your six senses and let it happen.

Don’t Give Up.
There is no reason not go around the corner.
There is no reason not to trust what you see, hear, taste, touch and feel.
There is really no reason not to reach for the moon.
Experience teaches that mistakes happen, that your heart hurts, that
Hunger is real and the mind darkens. Yes, Life is hard, and then things change.
If you believe you are not good enough to be your self, or
If you’re ashamed of who you are, or of who you are not-
Experience shows that everything changes.

Give your self a chance to become your ideal weight.  Fine tune your senses at the beginning of every meal and you will notice that your body is responding. Allow your dreams.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don't be afraid.

Changing habits is not easy because habits feel ‘normal’. Fear around eating and weight gain is a habit. Fear is a habit that feels like doubt. Doubt is a roadblock to getting what you want. Ouch!

A feeling of fear, when it comes to eating and losing weight, is the result of confusion. Confusion makes us think that by ignoring our feelings or our desires, we will lose weight. When we buy into this kind of confusion, we are fighting with our self, our body, and our emotions. Sound familiar? Yep, and it feels really bad.

Give your self space to be wrong about past eating choices. Choose to tune in to your sixth sense. Today is the beginning of the rest of your Life. The way to start over is to realize that everybody goes through this. Then take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out, and decide to forgive your self. Until you forgive yourself, you will be plagued by another nasty habit- punishing your self. Let go of it, because punishing your self won’t help you lose weight. Remember, the past is history.

Right now, you can use your intuition to stay in the present.
Connecting with your intuition keeps you clear about the present which means you can tune in, to your self, your body, and your emotions, by using your senses to recognize what you really want and what you are really eating.

Your intuition connects the input from your 5 senses with your brain and your body, and balances them with your emotions. It’s always there for you to depend on. In the beginning, you can open the door to your sixth sense by being aware of how it works.

Here are some tips to flatten the habit of fear around eating:
Recognize that you feel worry or fear around your eating
Look at what you are eating with your eyes.
-Notice if your food looks good, if it looks healthy, and if the portion is about the size of your fist or the size of your head?
-Use your intuition to take that information to your brain and you will know how much of it to eat.
Smell and taste a bite.
-Notice if it tastes good, salty, sweet, fresh?
-Use your intuition to relay that info to your brain and you body, and you will know if it makes sense to eat.
Does it go down well, does it sit comfortably in your stomach?
Relay that to your brain and you will know how much you want to eat.
Recognize that you are respecting your self by connecting with your intuition. 

Notice that you are in control, and notice that
you feel good.

Monday, April 5, 2010

All About You

You are very special.

As you use your intuition, you will become aware of how special you are. The ten tools of intuitive eating are your private source of reinforcement to achieve your eating goals. Each intuitive tool is custom designed for you.

Face it, eating is an intimate act. You are putting stuff into your body. The food you eat impacts the way you look, duh!, and also the way you feel and the way you will feel when you wake up tomorrow. Eating and appetites are personal. The-Intuitive-Diet shows you how to enjoy it all.

Your intuition is like your fingerprints and your DNA. No two people have the same fingerprints, or the same DNA. Every person’s intuition is completely unique. Your intuitive diet is a response to who you are, what you want, what you know, what you feel, and to your dreams.

That’s right, your 6th sense connects with your dreams as deeply as it connects with your senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smell. As you become an intuitive eater, many emotional buttons around eating fade away. You will begin to eat to enjoy food. When you eat to feel good, you do. Importantly, you feel good about your self.

Today, take time when you eat to look at what's on your plate. If you're feeling fat, remove 1/2 of it and then slowly eat what is left. Use your senses when you eat- taking time to see what you are eating, to taste, smell it and to feel what your are eating, will be surprisingly satisfying.

Using your intuition puts you in control of your body and your decisions. The-Intuitive-Diet is all about you.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Making a choice.

Classic dieting doesn't work. It's a fact that 95% of dieters re-gain their weight. Intuitive eaters maintain their weight.  They use inner courage to connect with their intuition

As I was talking about courage, a woman asked me, what about risks?
Risks are part of living. We take a risk when we cross the street, or go out on a blind date. Really living puts us in touch with risks every day. Risks are about danger. Being courageous is a form of inner resolve.

Eating with courage is not dangerous, so it’s not taking a risk. It is choice based on trusting your intuitive wisdom to guide your eating. When you make the choice to be an intuitive eater, you begin. Yep, it's that easy. Doing what you really believe takes courage. Making the choice is like turning a corner. The fact is: eating intuitively is a choice.

Intuition puts you in control of your eating because it gives you clarity.  When you make eating choices based on using your 6 senses, your emotions don't rule, you do! When clarity is the foundation for your efforts to be your healthy weight, it happens. 

Everything you do takes effort, and every effort you make creates results. Be clear about your eating goals, and you will achieve them.  Make the choice.

“Life is the sum of all your choices.” Albert Camus

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Change your body?

“We cannot change anything unless we accept it.” Carl Jung

Last night I had dinner with a woman who told me that she had tried to love her body, but she could not. She had been told to love her body to lose weight, and this put a lot of pressure on her. Ouch. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to love her body to lose weight, but she does have to stop fighting with it. The first step toward change is acceptance. Acceptance means you will work with your body to achieve your weight goals. When you accept your body, you trust your self. It is not automatically easy, and it takes courage.

The result of not trusting your self is, you lose self-respect. Then, you feel cowardly. Then, you get mad at your self, and act in a self-destructive way. You may eat mechanically, out of anger, frustration, or boredom. Then, eating is not about physical hunger or appetite, it’s not a response to your senses, it’s a self-destructive habit. Self destructive behavior is an example of fighting with your body.

Does this mean you have to love your body no matter what you see in the mirror? Absolutely not. When you use your eyes and look at your body in the mirror and it looks out of shape, it doesn’t feel good. When you accept your body, then you are free to choose to do what feels right to change it. Instead of fighting with your self by condemning your body, you can decide to work with your self, to pay attention to how your body feels, what messages you are getting from your six senses, and what you know, to achieve a healthier body.

When you don’t accept your self, you are creating stress inside. When you don’t like your body, you are condemning yourself. You are creating hostility inside that will bug you and press your buttons every time you look in the mirror. The result is- you will unintentionally, punish your self by self-destructive eating.

Change won't happen over night or even in a week.  What will change overnight is your attitude.  Once you stop fighting with your body, you won't look at food the same way. Instead of resenting your body, you will work with it, doing what you know and feel is good.  In fact you will be using your intuition, and your body will respond.  That's a guarantee.

When things are not ideal, it is not easy to face them. But it’s a fact that not dealing with reality will not change it! Instead it’s helpful to realize that the present is the foundation for the future, and that accepting what is real means you can change it.